All programs’ curricula are developed in response to Program Learning Outcomes, which signify what students learn within a degree program or emphasis area. All program learning outcomes respond to overarching Institutional Learning Outcomes. View the Fashion Design program learning outcomes.


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 * These courses may be taken in either the fall or the spring semester.

** FSHD354: Though the coursework is offered during the spring semester, students are encouraged to participate in an industry internship during the summer between junior and senior years.

The curriculum displayed is meant to provide an overview of the current semester’s offerings in this department; it does not represent all degree requirements for the Major or Area of Emphasis. These can be found in each student’s Course Catalog (identified by the year in which one would have entered the college as a Foundation student), which can be found here. If you have questions regarding your specific curricular requirements and/or Course Catalog, please contact your department.