Undergraduate Programs

Create your future with an Otis College of Art and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, an empowering, career-oriented education led by field-leading faculty.

Otis College undergraduate programs feature immersive first-year Foundation courses, an expansive Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum, and a Creative Action Integrated Learning program that introduces social and environmental issues affecting creative disciplines. Through areas of emphasis and 13 minors, we prepare you for a thriving career that capitalizes on your unique point of view.

BFA Degree Programs

BFA in Animation

Studio program that explores the power of effective visual communication through 2D and 3D motion design

BFA in Fashion Design

A structured curriculum led by hands-on professional mentors embracing technology and innovation in fashion design

BFA in Fine Arts

Rigorous education that can be tailored to your needs and interests, with access to a full range of labs, shops, and studios

BFA in Graphic Design

Learning that encompasses research and development, critical thinking, and fearless image making as it applies to work in the 2D, 3D, 4D fields

BFA in Environmental Design

In this program, students learn to design the spaces where we work, play, sleep, and dream.

BFA in Game and Entertainment Design

Industry-standard pipelines for creating visual representations of characters, environments, and props for games and films

BFA in Illustration

Personal style cultivation in multiple contexts for the image-making and communication needs of a variety of industries

BFA in Toy Design

One of the only comprehensive four‐year toy design degrees in the world, located at the center of a global industry

BFA in Product Design

Develop the skills that are key to creating products and experiences in both physical and digital form.

Otis College emphasizes collaboration and a multidisciplinary education that nurtures creativity, vision, and critical thinking.

7100:1Student-Faculty Ratio
Student-Faculty Ratio
8100BFA Programs/Majors
BFA Programs/Majors

The Core

Your first year in an Otis BFA program builds up your making and critical thinking skills in Foundation studio, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Creative Action courses.

The Core Curriculum

Students drawing in classroom
Student working at a computer


Our majors and their areas of emphasis are rounded out with 13 minors. These specialized courses and experiences can extend your work into a specific theme or topic.

Otis College Minors

Art and Design Education

The new Art and Design Education minor prepares students to engage professionally as socially conscious artists, designers, and educators in diverse communities and contexts.

ACT Program

Student looking at artwork on the wall

Otis College gives artists and designers the support to become who they are meant to be.

Otis College emphasizes collaboration and a multidisciplinary education that nurtures creativity, vision, and critical thinking.

Reanna Brown graduate

I implore you to give your all while we're here on earth. We're only here for so long. I encourage you to make your life one you’ll be proud to have lived—one that will continue to matter to you, the community, and to the world. Don’t shy away from failure. Resist the crippling effects of fear. You can do whatever it is that you're dreaming to do."

Mandy Tong portrait

Otis College has supported me through great amounts of resources, such as mentorships and internship fairs. In addition, each course not only helped develop my skills but also allowed me to find my aesthetic. I often hear from interviewers how well Otis has trained me for the fashion industry.”


Otis provided me with a space that allows me to experiment, explore, and combine new and different art materials. I have my own studio with other classmates. I have the freedom to do what I want. I have a space where I can be me without a second thought. Otis has given me many job opportunities L.A. has to offer artists."