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Los Angeles Fashion Week 2023

LAWF Exhibition
LAWF Exhibition
LAWF Exhibition
LAWF Exhibition
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LAWF Exhibition

Otis College’s Fashion Design department partnered with Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) and Susan G. Komen on an event highlighting fashion, technology, and sustainability, organized by N2XT Experiences and endorsed by the CFDA. The event saw participation from designers, influencers, and artists, including students and faculty from the Fashion Design program. Fashion Design Chair Jill Zeleznik, gave opening remarks, and introduced an installation of student garments displayed next to an impressive art exhibit featuring a collection of 40 breathtaking masterpieces created by the likes of Jackson-Pollack, Rothko, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The students’ installation showcased collaborations with renowned designers like Jonathan Simkhai, Jason Wu and B. Akerlund. The following night premiered the documentary "Fashion Reimagined," accompanied by a sustainability panel featuring Jill Zeleznik, Amy Powney, Becky Hutner, Nikki Reed, and Ibrahim Alhusseini. The documentary and panel inspired many students, some of whom minor in Sustainability, to become change agents in the fashion industry.

Learn more about the event in the Otis News article: Otis College Fashion Design Students and Chair Jill Zeleznik Participate in Los Angeles Fashion Week


B. Akerlund | Costume Photoshoot

In 2019, Fashion Design students at Otis College of Art and Design collaborated with celebrity stylist B. Akerlund on a Mentor Project inspired by Surrealism. They pushed the boundaries of avant-garde design, emphasizing couture construction. Their designs featured innovative shapes, unexpected volumes, and creative headpieces or face covers. The project culminated in an exclusive photoshoot with B. Akerlund modeling the students' avant-garde creations.

B. Akerlund Photoshoot set 1
B. Akerlund Photoshoot set 2
B. Akerlund set 3

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