Parent and Family Resources

We are excited to welcome your student into our housing community.

As parents, guardians, and family members, you play a crucial role in your student’s successful transition to and through college. We understand that while this is an exciting time for students, it can also be challenging for families. Our holistic approach to Residence Life and Housing prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of your student, both inside and outside the classroom.

We have compiled essential information to help you navigate various policies and procedures, important dates, and additional resources to support you during this transition. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure a rewarding and enriching college experience for your student.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law that protects a student’s right to privacy, which includes housing records. Learn more about the College’s FERPA policy here. In accordance with FERPA guidelines, Residence Life and Housing staff will not share any resident information with anyone outside of the college’s system. Housing administrators are authorized to contact confidential contacts and emergency contacts. While these may be the same person, we do require the person to be listed for both. Please read the following information for more details: 

  • Confidential Contact: On the Housing Application, residents list a friend, relative, or parent as their confidential contact. If you are listed as the Confidential Contact, you will be notified within 24 hours if a resident is determined to be missing by Otis College or a local law enforcement agency. 

  • Emergency Contact:  On the Housing Application, residents list a friend, relative, or parent as their emergency contact. Emergency contact information is used for situations deemed as emergencies, such as: medical emergencies, physical injury, and if the reported missing person is less than 18 years old and not legally emancipated.

Important Dates

Spring 2024

  • May 8: Housing Move Out 
  • May 12: Commencement 
  • May 13: Housing Move Out for Seniors

Fall 2024

  • March 1: Housing Applications Open
  • March 10: Continuing Student Housing Priority
  • May 15: New Student Housing Priority (must pay application fee by May 15, must complete application by May 17)
  • August 20: New Student Move In Day
  • August 23: Continuing Student Move In Day

Academic Calendar


More Information

We understand that you may have questions around some specific aspects of housing. Please learn more through the menu items below. 

Mailing Information

As a parent, you may need to mail packages or letters to your student. In order to effectively deliver mail and packages read the important information below. Prior to move-in, mail and packages will not be accepted due to limited capacity and locker storage policies. If you plan to purchase items prior to move-in we suggest buying and shipping to a store nearby (Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.). 

Residence Hall

The mailboxes and package locker are located on the ground floor of Ahmanson. Each resident is assigned their own mailbox. Please contact your student to learn their assigned SMC numbers.

9030 Loyola Blvd
SMC ###
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Park West

The locker storage system is located near the Leasing Office and residents must register by submitting an Occupancy Form. Each apartment shares one assigned mailbox that is located by the nearest elevator on the Upper Parking Garage (UG) level. There are five specific addresses for Park West. We encrouage you to talk with your student to learn their address and apartment number. 

Amazon Locker - Mercer (located on campus)

All residents can utilize the Amazon lockers to pick up purchases ordered online. The lockers are located to the left of the Residence Hall closest to the wood shop, and are accessible 24/7. When placing your order look up the Amazon locker named Mercer. 

Packing List

To learn more about what is included in each housing option and what you should bring, please view our packing lists:

Renter's Insurance: Required for Park West Only

Park West residents are required to purchase renters insurance. Residence Hall residents are strongly encouraged to purchase renters insurance. We recommend anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000. More information on renters insurance will be emailed to confirmed residents.

Specific Housing Details

Safety and Security

Your student's safety is very important to us! Our Resident Assistants and live in professional staff maintain an active presence in both locations. In addition, Campus Safety is present on campus 24/7. Students can contact the office at 310-665-6965. 

While we are in a safe neighborhood within Los Angeles, we still recommend the following to keep our community safe:

  • Sign up for Live Safe. Live Safe is an app that allows students to share information with Campus Safety, provides notifications of emergency situations, and allows for SafeWalk (someone can view your walk to another location). 
  • Always close and lock your door when leaving your apartment/suite.
  • Do not let any unrecognized individuals into the building. If a person lives there, they should be able to access it.
  • Use the buddy system when exploring Los Angeles beyond the campus.

Residential Engagement

Students are assigned Resident Assistants (RAs) in each housing location. The RAs serve as a resource for students as they transition to their new home and navigate Otis College. In addition, the RAs foster and develop community among residential students through dialogue, engagement, and programming! Some programs that have been coordinated in the past include:

  • Game/Movie Nights
  • Bob Ross Painting Sessions
  • Disco Night
  • Caricature Drawing
  • Adventure Time Roundtable Readings

These programs are ways to connect with other residential students. We encourage students to attend these events to connect with others and to build new friendships. If students are excited about a potential program idea, we encourage them to reach out to their RA to discuss planning!

Culture of Inclusion

The Residence Life & Housing department strives to create an inclusive living environment that honors the intersections of all identities. The professional staff and RAs are trained on various topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to be prepared to support our students. Additionally, our staff engages in conversations on Otis’ DEI Statement and 10 points to promote a more equitable campus that welcomes and celebrates every Otis student. To read more about Oti’s DEI Statement and 10 points, click here

Campus Involvement

Clubs and Organizations

Another way for students to be involved on campus is to join a campus club/organization. These clubs and organizations are student-led and create fun programs and activities for students. Learn more about the different opportunities to join here

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB is composed of student leaders that work to enhance and unify the Otis college community by coordinating, overseeing, and executing all student led campus activities. All members of CAB provide leadership and support to fellow CAB members and student led campus activities. These programs and activities are open to all students and is an additional way for students to connect with other Otis peers. Learn more about CAB here

Although the roommate matching process helps students find a compatible roommate, there is never a guarantee to find the perfect roommate. Even the best roommates may experience conflict because people from different backgrounds, identities, and values are sharing space. In addition to differences, college age students are still developing and learning how to communicate through conflict. Housing's goal is to help students grow their conflict management skills that will benefit them the rest of their life.

As parents, you can assist Housing by encouraging your student to address the issues themselves. Housing has processes in place to help empower students to resolve their own conflict with support and guidance from the Housing staff. Housing asks you to please refrain from contacting our staff without your student’s knowledge. Instead, please use the resources below to guide your student through conflict resolution.

Contact Us

For any questions or assistance, we encourage students and prospective students to contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at Otis College.

Monday- Friday
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Phone: 310-846-2647

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