Animation Student Work

Discover the creativity and innovation of our BFA in Animation degree program by exploring the impressive work of our talented students.

This dynamic program nurtures artistic skills and technical expertise, preparing students for exciting careers in animation.

From stunning character designs to captivating storyboards and animations, their work showcases the diverse range of projects and the dedication to excellence that defines our program. Dive into the world of animation and see firsthand the amazing potential and achievements of our budding animators.

Keith Webster: Monster Encounter
Kelly Smith: City Entrance
Rachel Funes: Store Clerk Concept Art
Rachel Funes: Store Clerk Expressions
Shelby York: Wyatt Turnaround
Shelby York: Gregory Sketches
Sierra Brumback: Wizard of Oz Toy Lineup
Alana Washington: Soul Flower Artwork
Casper Daglish: Crystalline Grove
Ellen Li: Ponyo and Sosuke
Ellen Li: Secret Garden
Ellen Li: Flower Garden
Erin Fong: 3D Modeling and Texturing of a Kitchen
Ireen Chau: Bard Concepts
Ireen Chau: Bards Scene

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