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The Otis Printmaking Lab supports work in traditional and new technology print processes including relief, photo-based lithography, intaglio, monotype, screen-printing, cyanotype, and Riso. Equipment includes one lithography press, one intaglio press, space for 11screen-printing stations, a 4-color t-shirt printing press, a Riso printer (with 8 colors!), a Cameo Silhouette cutter, and a heat press. There are 2 student accessible computers with a scanner, both laser and inkjet printers, student flat file storage, a darkroom with a back-lit washout sink, a 30” x 40” halide light exposure unit, and a large format inkjet printer with Accurip software to produce large scale film positives for screenprinting.

Our lab has an amazing flow that students from every department like to spend time in. We also have experienced technicians ready to help you realize any project one can conceptualize. Access is granted either through having taken a class in Printmaking or by completing a demonstration in any given approach.

Summer 2024 Open Lab Hours

Current Summer 2024 Open Lab Hours

Closed all Major Holidays

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00am – 6:45pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00am - 10:00pm
  • Thursday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

See a calendar of all available open lab times:

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Safety and Use Policy

The Otis Printmaking Lab is a shared space where large equipment and chemicals are used by all. It is essential to maintain safety guidelines at all times and to respect the space of your fellow classmates. You will be trained in lab procedures by faculty or staff and we expect that you will follow proper procedures and safety measures. Please read the following below and agree to uphold these policies. If you fail to follow the guidelines below, your permission to use the Printmaking Lab could be revoked.

Only currently enrolled Otis students, staff or faculty who have completed the standard safety training and printing demos facilitated by printmaking faculty or staff may use the facility. Any person who is granted access to the lab will be asked to fill out a Printmaking/Info Release card with their name and information.

You must wear protective gloves, face shield/goggles, gloves and/or respirator as advised when you are working with toxic and hazardous materials.

Any aerosols, including Toner-Aid or spray paint, must be sprayed outside. Spray adhesive is permissible.

No open toed shoes, or shoes with a tall heel that could potentially contribute to accidents on wet floors.

There is no eating or open food containers allowed in the lab. Drinks with covered tops are allowed but must be kept away from worktables to avoid spills.

Become familiar with the MSDS (Material Safety Data sheets), hanging on the wall, to be informed of the potentially hazardous materials, chemicals and inks we use in the Lab.

Removal of Otis lab assets, or another individual’s materials, will result in loss of access and legal action.

In case of injury locate the eyewash or first aid kit. In an emergency call the security desk (x6965), call 911 or Los Angeles Poison control (800-825-2722).

This is a predominantly solvent free lab. Please limit use of paint thinner, mineral spirits, or inks that would need these products for clean up, such as Plastisol or oil based ink for Screenprinting. If these solvent based materials are needed for a printmaking process, they can be used outside or in small amounts under the ventilation hood.
You are responsible for purchasing your own screen(s), clearly marking your name with permanent marker on the duct tape on all 4 sides of your screen. Do not use anyone else’s screen(s).
Only screens with unexposed emulsion on them can be left in the lab over night. All dry screens, inks and other supplies must be taken out of the lab at the end of your workday. Flat file drawers are designated for students taking semester-long classes only. Wet prints are welcome to be left in the drying racks over night. They will be periodically collected by lab staff and left in the marked folder next to the drying racks. Lockers can be obtained through the Wood Shop on the 7th floor.

Presses: Only students who have gone through a press demonstration should be using them. When the presses are properly used they are perfectly safe. Never place your fingers under or near the rollers. Keep your hands away from the press bed or any moving parts when the press is in use. You should only have your hands on the handle or designated areas when operating the presses. Remove jewelry or secure loose clothing or hair that could get caught in the press. Do not force anything through the presses. If a press is damaged or broken by accident you are responsible for letting the lab tech know immediately.

Computers: Do not run anything through the laser printer except bond paper or Kimoto paper. Time on the computers should try to be limited to just output, not long term editing of files, as many people depend on them.

Print Drying Racks: Do not remove another person’s artwork from the flat files or drying racks. Get help using the drying rack when removing prints so other’s prints do not slide down the back. DO NOT HANDLE OTHER PEOPLE’S PRINTS, they may not be dry.

Exposure Unit / Powerwasher: Do not place ANY UNTAPED screens in the exposure unit. Clean the glass on the exposure unit after you expose a screen. Wipe up emulsion spills immediately. Do not point the pressure washer at anything other than screens in the washout sink. Avoid letting water collect on the floor.

If you EVER have questions about how to use something, ALWAYS ask a tech.

The cutting matt surfaces and tempered glass light table are the only surfaces that blades can be used on. These areas should be kept clean and clear of ink to provide a safe space for curating film, prints and paper for printing. All used blades should be disposed of in container marked “used blades” on it.

Clean up as you work, including spills on the floor, to avoid slipping. You must clean up and put away everything you use. The lab announces an end to printing 30 minutes before closing. All surfaces should be wiped down with Simple Green. Rags that are partially used can be hung on the pegboard above the sink, those that have been completely used up should be placed in the large red can only. Excessive sceenprinting ink, oil based inks or other hazardous materials should not go down drain. Try to keep your belongings to a consolidated working area so that all students have room to work. You are not finished working until you have cleaned up.


Much of the supplies needed for printmaking classes are provided for through the lab. Beyond demonstration supplies, students are expected to supply their own:

  • Silkscreens
  • Tape (Duct, masking, packaging)
  • Screenprinting inks
  • Paper
  • Etching plates
  • Relief plates

Meet the Techs

Maggie Lomeli

Maggie Lomeli
Printmaking Lab Manager

Nikk Mohammed

Nikk Mohammed
Photography Lab Lead Technician

Eloise Madsen Borden

Eloise Madsen Borden
Printmaking Lab Technician


Film Printing

The Otis Printmaking Lab offers students the opportunity to have large scale film positives printed for exposing screens. Our 17” inkjet printer runs in conjunction with an Accurip software which prints a very dense black, and will automatically apply a halftone to any grays in your image. The cost for printing is $.25 per each linear inch

Equipment Overview

Lithography Press

Griffin Lithography Press

T-Shirt Press

4-color Workhorse T-shirt press with Vastex Flash dryer

Etching Press

Charles Brand Etching Press

Epson Sure Color 3270

Epson Sure color 3270 24” roll printer with Accurip software for screenprinting positives

Heat Press

15” x 15” heat press

Nuarc 3140 exposure unit

Nuarc 3140 exposure unit

Hydrobooth washout

Hydrobooth washout sink with attached exhaust and  pressure washer

Riso SF9450

Riso SF9450 with 8 different color drums and connection to computer software for digital

Cameo Cutter

Cameo Silhouette cutter

Epson Artisan inkjet printer

Epson Artisan 1430 color inkjet printer

HP Laserjet Printer

HP Laserjet 700 black and white laser printer


Below are some resources to help both during and after your time in the Otis Printmaking Lab. We hope you find this information helpful in continuing your printmaking journey!

RHEETECH- 2401 So. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 213-749-9111 Rheetech also can deep clean a screen up to 25” x 36” for around $8 or re-stretch a screen starting at $15 based on size and mesh count. Usually 24 hour turn around. MCLOGANS- 2010 South Main St.Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: (213) 749-2262

MCLOGANS- 2010 South Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: (213) 749-2262 Matsui 301 RC and Permaset Supercover are good water based inks.

GRAPHAIDS- Otis Campus Phone: (424)207-3770 Speedball water
based inks DICK BLICK- 2602 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica 90405 Phone: 310-450-7015 Speedball, Versatex and Dick Blick brand water based screenprinting inks

RHEETECH- 2401 S, Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 213-749-9111

Mclogans- 2010 So. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: (213) 749-2262

OTIS PRINTMAKING LAB, Rm B14 The Printmaking Lab’s large-scale inkjet printer prints 24” in width, $.50 per linear inch. Films can be paid for through the school’s Owl Dollars.

RHEETECH, 2401 S, Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 213-749-9111

Grow Your Own Media- 3020 Glendale Blvd. STE 200 Los Angeles CA. 90039
Phone: 323-747-8700 Website:
GYOM has screen print shop rental for paper and tee shirts and screen burning capabilities for all with student friendly pricing. One station rental is $10 per hour. They also offer screen rentals for in-house printing for up to one week starting at $20 a week. They use water based and Plastisol inks. You can supply your own ink or use theirs for a nominal fee. Contact for appointments.

Josephine Press- 2928 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404
Phone: (310) 453-1691 Website: Josephine press offers services in plate making, workshops and press rental time for Etching, Relief, Lithography and Monoprinting, including options to hire a knowledgable assistant while using the facility.

Print Shop LA- 502 Chung King Court Los Angeles CA 90012
Email: Website:
The Print Shop LA offers full print and design services. After attending an orientation, you can rent the space for the day, or become a member for full studio access. Print Shop LA mostly offers facilities for screenprinting (paper and apparel) and RISO printing.

Printed Editions

Printed Editions is the leading site dedicated to fine limited edition prints and multiples.
Their mission is to inspire art collectors.

Los Angeles Printmaking Society

A national organization based in LA dedicated to the interests of printmakers and print collecting. A database of printmakers and resources for shops, exhibitions print publishers, supplies and more.

Otis Printmaking Lab

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Printmaking Lab Manager, Maggie Lomeli for assistance.

Phone: 310-866-2620

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