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Lighting Studio

Lighting Studio Information

The lighting studio is available for the exploration of photo and video projects to all Otis students. It is a 2,400 square foot space with green and white infinity coves. The studio is stocked with a range of continuous and strobe lighting, as well as nine-foot rolls of seamless backdrop paper in a wide array of colors.

Upon completion of a demo (given the second Monday of every month), Students can check out the lighting studio for four-hour blocks. School events are allowed on a case by case basis through the Photography Lab Manager. For checkout availability, please visit the Photography Lab on the 6th floor of Ahmanson Hall. Or call 310-665-6971.  We currently are not recognizing any 25Live reservations. 

Rules And Policies

Headline (Accordion)

  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke anything.
  • Do not use fog machines.
  • Do not tamper with any of the fire alarms.
  • Do not remove any lighting studio equipment.
  • Do not leave anything behind.
  • Do not bring food or beverages into the studio.
  • Please, no large volumes of water in the lighting studio. Fishtanks and the like are not allowed. 
  • Please keep your shot contained in the lighting studio. Don't spill over in the hallways.
  • Do not bring in or use non-Otis photographers.
  • No commercial shoots.
  • Booties must be worn on the coves.
  • If the cove is left in poor condition, the person responsible for the lighting studio at that time will be required to come in on a Saturday afternoon to paint the coves.

Failure to live by the rules will result in a suspension of all lighting studio privileges.

  • The lighting studio is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The lighting studio can be checked out for 4-hour blocks with no back-to-back bookings.
  • If the reservation has not been collected within 30 minutes of the start time, the lighting studio reservation will not be recognized, and we will move to the waiting list.
  • If you are not enrolled in a class, there is a maximum of 5 reservations per student.
  • Students in classes are highly encouraged to work in groups to complete homework assignments.
  • Upon checkout, the lighting studio and equipment are considered in good working condition, and you are responsible for the entirety of the space and all of its contents.
  • You will also receive a sign for the door and then return the sign when finished with your assignment. A late fee is attached to the sign. Return it on time to avoid late fees and holds on your account.
  • We can provide contacts from the Otis program if students need help from a photographer.
  • The lighting studio is color-coded. This color-coded system will help you connect the correct parts to their corresponding lights, e.g., a red dot on a power cord connects to a light with a red dot. Some components will have two colors, which means that the part will work on two lights. If the colors do not line up, do not use the equipment and ask one of the techs.
  • Please leave the studio in the condition you found it with the equipment carts neat and tidy, cables rolled loosely, and carts locked in the cages.
  • If something breaks or you don't know how something works, please call the photo lab, and someone will come down to assist you. 310.665.6971


Strobe lighting:

  • We offer Norman D24 2400 watt-second packs with Norman LH2400 lampheads. 

Continuous Lighting: 

  • Arri 650's
  • Arri 1k's 
  • Arri 2's  
  • Mole Richardson 650's
  • Mole Richardson 1K's
  • Kinoflows
  • LED's 


  • C-stands 
  • light stands 
  • product table 
  • Jr. High Boy Roller with super boom arm 
  • V-flats (black and white)
  • sandbags 

Lighting Studio Video Guides