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Graphic Design Certificate

Total estimated tuition: $7,440
Duration: 1 - 2 years

Develop your creativity and visual communication skills to shape ideas, captivate audiences, or affect social change. Graphic design is utilized in many industries to create everything from packaging and logos to branding and marketing collateral, among other applications.

After completing the Graphic Design Certificate Program, you will be prepared for entry-level positions in the graphic design industry. Learn from experienced professionals and artists, connect with a network of creatives, and receive career support, including career counseling, career assessment, internship advising, and employer networking opportunities. Ultimately, you will create a professional-quality portfolio demonstrating conceptual, design, and technical proficiency for entry-level positions in the graphic design industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • How graphic designers apply foundational skills, including composition, imagery, typography, photography, and illustration to communicate messages
  • How to create and utilize logos, symbols, and letterforms successfully
  • Advanced application of typography for still, motion, and interactive platforms
  • Professional output methods—digital and print
  • Industry-standard tools, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more
  • Professional practices relevant to a graphic design career and portfolio development

Prospective Student Resources

Program Costs

  • Approximate Course Cost: $531*
  • Total Number of Courses: 14
  • Estimated Total Tuition: $7,440**

*Cost for an online course after certificate tuition discount. Upon submitting the certificate application and fee, students qualify for a 15% tuition discount per course at the time of enrollment.
**Cost after certificate tuition discount. Courses are individually priced. Tuition and course fees are paid at the time of enrollment in each course. Total tuition is not paid in advance or in a lump sum. Additional course fees or materials costs may apply.

Eligibility and Requirements

Students must be 18 years of age to enroll. No portfolio or prior experience is required.

Individuals interested in this certificate program can take up to two courses before committing to the program. Before beginning their third course, students are required to submit a Certificate Program Enrollment Application with a non-refundable $185 application fee.

Students are notified of their certificate application results three times per year according to the following dates:

  • Between 12/14/23 - 2/10/24 for Spring 2024 start
  • Between 4/11/24 - 6/4/24 for Summer 2024 start
  • Between 8/1/24 - 9/21/24 for Fall 2024 start

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Computer and Technology Requirements

Note: please refer to each individual course page for additional supplies, materials, and software requirements.

  • Computer with camera and sound capabilities; reliable internet connection
  • A second device with screen such as iPad, tablet, or second computer with working audio, built-in webcam, and microphone
  • Camera (smart phone or DSLR camera) with the ability to transfer files to your computer
  • Hard drive with at least 250 GB of storage
  • Optional: external web camera and USB microphone headset

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