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Duration: 6 months
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This is our most flexible certificate, perfect for new (non-business) grads who need an overview of business before they get a job or for those looking to find their business niche. Complete the Business Essentials course, and then pick one class each in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Designed For

This flexible certificate is perfect for new (non-business) grads who need an overview of business before they get a job or for those looking to find their business niche.

What You'll Learn

Master fundamental management strategies with an introduction to three core functional areas of business:

  1. Human Resources/Leadership
    Acquire knowledge in the core principles of human resources management and methods for successful leadership in the workplace.

  2. Marketing
    Master skills and strategies for a global eye in marketing, analyze consumer behavior, and how to implement and manage effective marketing strategies.

  3. Finance/Accounting
    Discover effective techniques for analyzing financial reports, both domestic and international, and develop practices for successful decision-making.

What You Can Do With This Certificate

Positions are available in a variety of industries all over the world, and can be found in firms, corporations, government, or nonprofit organizations. They might include:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance or Accounting Manager
  • Manager at an international company

Earning the Certificate

Prior to enrolling, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • High school education or equivalent

Required Courses

3 units
Offered Winter 2022
This is a survey course that provides students with an overview of key functional business areas. Through a global, ethical, and social responsibility lens, students will examine concepts integral to the American business environment including management, human resources, marketing, information systems, and finance via the course textbook and targeted company case studies. Through their study of the key functional business areas in conjunction with guided self-assessment activities, students will develop reflective capabilities in assessing their own personal interests and strengths. Students will then use this information to create a digital professional portfolio that will serve as a resource as students pursue future employment opportunities.

Human Resources Management Courses

3 units
Offered Winter 2022

Exceptional leaders integrate power, collaboration, and influence to lead their organizations. Leadership success depends on alignment of corporate culture, operations, and strategy. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is critical to effective leadership in multicultural and global business environments. Achieving swift adaptability within different cultural settings is crucial to continued success for your organization. As more organizations are expanding their diversity and international presence, it is essential to integrate CQ as a key component of leadership strategies and deployment. Students will address how to increase their cultural intelligence and learn to foster it in their people.

3 units
Offered Winter 2022, Spring 2022
A comprehensive overview of the mission, purpose and structure of human operations within an industrial, service or public organization. Concepts covered include the function of human resources as it relates to organizational mission; the fundamentals of employee selection, performance appraisal, discipline and compensation; management and organizational structure; supervision; communications; legal issues; training and staff development; relations with unions; strategic planning; and current trends in human resources management. This course is appropriate for human resource professionals, managers, supervisors and individuals interested in organizational leadership and development.
2 units
Offered Winter 2022
This course focuses on how to lead in a multicultural world.  It will explore the evolving role of cultural diversity in the workplace, and how to apply cultural comprehension to organizations. Students will learn about the tools leaders use in order to measure intercultural competence. Discussions include: understanding the basics of culture; developing and implementing a multicultural vision; managing cultural diversity; the legal implications of diversity; designing cultural learning programs; solving problems and resolving conflict; becoming more sensitive as a global manager. Learning will be augmented by readings from the GLOBE Research Project on Leadership Worldwide.  The four readings from this study will integrate with readings from the text, in order to develop a richer understanding of the effect of culture upon leadership in our globalized marketplace.

Marketing Courses

3 units
Offered Winter 2022
Savvy marketing professionals use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, blogs and other social media marketing tools to reach new markets. Participants in this course learn the marketing principles and practices most commonly used for social media marketing. Topics include new channels of social media marketing and Web 2.0; case studies and real-world success stories; do's and don'ts of social media marketing; online social network management; user generated content; content sharing; blogs, podcasts, wikis; tracking leads and lead generation; measuring success; budgeting for social media marketing; current and future trends; and how to evaluate social media marketing as part of an overall marketing; current and future trends.
4 units
Offered Winter 2022
This course provides an integrated study of the principles of strategic marketing management and their application in the international business environment. Instruction will focus on the global marketing environment, the multinational competitive challenges of changing market structures, and the impact of rapidly changing technologies on the international marketplace. Examining strategic marketing planning, how the marketing mix is adapted to various cultural, political, environmental and economic factors in the global arena. Current events, global trends in marketing and case studies. Students will be involved in a range of individual components and group activities including, case analysis and the creation and presentation of a strategic marketing plan for exporting a product or service to a specific country.
3 units
Offered Winter 2022
In nearly all organizations, effective marketing is an important determinant of success in a highly competitive marketplace. This course introduces key principles of marketing, essential marketing functions and contemporary marketing practices in order to develop a practical understanding of how marketing affects the profitability and growth of a company or organization. Among the many topics examined are fundamental concepts and processes, the marketing environment, market research and analysis, demographics, market segmentation, product positioning, image management, advertising, pricing, distribution, merchandising, product development and strategy implementation.
3 units
No sections currently scheduled.
Understanding "why people buy" is of crucial importance in determining how to market. This course analyzes consumer desire/needs and examines methods for satisfying them in order to learn how to create and stimulate demand for an organization's products and services. The material covered concentrates on both internal factors (beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, emotions) and external factors (class, peer groups, family structure, culture, society, stereotypes) that influence buying behavior.

Accounting and Finance Courses

4 units
Offered Winter 2022
Focus on international financial management and trade from the perspective of managers doing business globally. Topics include the management of foreign exchange exposure, foreign direct investment decisions, multinational capital budgeting, trends in international banking, the balance of payments, the determination of exchange rates, the LDC debt crisis, and the Asian meltdown. Examine the challenges and problems faced by firms planning on doing business in Western Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada, South America, Africa, India, and other regions.
4 units
Offered Winter 2022, Spring 2022
Intermediate-level exploration of financial accounting theory, principles and practices. Topics include interpretation, use, processing and presentation of principal accounting statements and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Other topics include valuation, recording, presentation and control of cash, receivables, inventories and liabilities.
4 units
Offered Winter 2022, Spring 2022
An introduction to accounting theory, principles and practice, covering the uses, communication and processing of accounting information, as well as the recording, analyzing and summarizing procedures used in preparing balance sheets and income statements. Other topics include accounting for purchases and sales, receivables and payables, cash and inventories, plant and equipment, depreciation and natural resources, intangible assets and payrolls. Sole proprietorships and partnerships also are examined.

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