Sustainability Minor

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Recognizing the innovative role artists and designers can play in solving pressing challenges, the Sustainability Minor provides students with a broad understanding of the social, political, economic and environmental issues that impact the future of humanity and our planet. Students will study and develop strategies and systems, as applicable to art and design, which can meet the needs of current generations without compromising those of future generations. Courses fulfill requirements in Integrated Learning and Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as electives across all studio departments.


The Sustainability minor is open to all majors. Students must be on track in their major and in good academic standing, with no more than 6 credits behind and a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Required Courses

Course ID Course Name Credits
CAIL201 Human Ecology 3.0
NSCI305 Science and Sustainable Design 3.0
LIBS441 Sustainability Capstone* 3.0
  Sustainability electives** 6.0
Total Credits   15.0

* Students who have a dedicated capstone for their major will complete one capstone course that combines both their major and minor.
**A limited choice of Creative Action, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Studio Elective courses across the College will count towards the Sustainability minor Electives, as determined each semester by the Interdisciplinary Studies Director, Sustainability Minor Area Head, and Department Chairs.

Core Course Descriptions are listed in the Creative Action and Liberal Arts and Sciences sections of the Course Catalog.

Meet the Core Sustainability Faculty.

Download one of the following PDFs to see how the Sustainability minor requirements fit into your chosen major
For students who entered Otis College as Foundation students in 2020-21 (class of 2024):
Sustainability Minor Academic Plan 20-21
For students who entered Otis College as Foundation students in 2021-22 (class of 2025):
Sustainability Minor Academic Plan 21-22
For students who entered Otis College as Foundation students in 2022-23 (class of 2026):
Sustainability Minor Info Sheet 2022-23 (See Degree Works for Academic Plans)
For students who entered Otis College as Foundation students in 2023-24 (class of 2027):
Sustainability Minor Info Sheet 2023-24 (See Degree Works for Academic Plans)

Learn more about Interdisciplinary Studies, eligibility requirements, and the application process.

Course Proposals

Faculty members who are interested in proposing new courses or designating existing courses as Sustainability Electives should email course proposals and learning outcomes to the Minor Area Head and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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