Otis College offers a great retirement plan through Transamerica Retirement Solutions, our retirement plan administrator. The Retirement Plan is a special type commonly referred to as a 403(b) plan. All employees are eligible to participate in the plan through Salary Deferral. Through Salary Deferral you can:

  • Add to your retirement savings on a pre-tax basis.
  • Pay no federal or state taxes on these savings or the investment income until you withdraw your funds.
  • Have the option to choose a specific percentage withheld from your salary.

Otis College also makes a contribution for employees who satisfy eligibility requirements including a waiting period, service hours, and age requirements.

Visit the Transamerica Retirement Solutions to learn more about the Otis College's 403b Retirement Plan or to check your account.

To help you make better investment decisions, Otis College offers free, counseling sessions for all employees and counseling on retirement planning. See Investment Counseling for more information.

Note: The Summary Plan Description (SPD) contains major plan provisions including eligibility, benefits, and distribution of plan assets. The Plan Document is also on file in Human Resources and is the controlling document for the adjustment or settlement of questions or claims.