Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Medical insurance is one of the most important benefits that Otis College offers for full-time staff and faculty and their families. You have the opportunity to enroll in an HMO or PPO health insurance plan. Details are listed under the respective headings.

The College provides a health, dental and vision insurance program after an initial qualifying period as a regular full time faculty or staff member with a low employee premium. Dependent and/or domestic partner coverage is available through payroll deduction. The coverage is effective the first of the month following date of hire or full-time appointment. For more information contact the Human Resources Department at 310 847-2597. Otis provides the following options for insurance:

HMO plans are also simple to use. Features like set co-pays for doctor visits help make your out-of-pocket costs more predictable.

Summary Annual Report (SAR)

SPD Health & Welfare Summary

Blue Shield of CA

Kaiser Permanente

Aetna Dental Insurance

VSP Vision Insurance

Cobra Continuation Coverage

Cobra benefits continuation coverage can become available to you or your dependents when you lose your group health coverage. For additional information about your rights and obligations under the Plan and under federal law, contact the Benefits Department and refer to the link below for more detailed information.

COBRA Continuation of Coverage