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What Makes the Program Unique

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Designers Shape the World

Otis College is ranked in the top 10 best design schools in the nation 2022 Best Design Schools Top College Rankings One of its majors is Product Design. Product Design is the professional practice of designing products used by millions of people worldwide every day. Over the last few years, it has expanded beyond physical products to include designing systems, services, user experiences (UX), user interfaces (UI), virtual, digital products, and more.


Holistic Design Process

Otis Product Design is a major where design, art, science, technology, humanities, and business converge to promote a holistic design process and skill-based learning that incorporates perspectives from various majors, disciplines, and industries. We enroll diverse students with different backgrounds, abilities, talents, and interests, inspired and driven by a wide range of career ambitions.

Designing Mind maps and user flows on paper

Design Through Every Dimension

Humans have always leaned into the future, and product design is the tool that brings these ideas to life. The process has evolved from its roots in 2 and 3-dimensional design into 4D and 5D virtual space. Students in Product Design learn the importance of understanding problems and context when developing ideas and solutions, which are augmented and brought to life through the application of design tools. Projects engage students in opportunities across diverse product areas to gain a comprehensive knowledge of analog and digital design skills.

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Diversity In Design

Students develop a diverse portfolio that reflects their interests in various product types within different industries and communities. These include consumer and lifestyle products, sports, personal care, home/office/outdoor d├ęcor, furniture, lighting, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, packaging, transportation, entertainment, experience, systems design, UX and UI, and circular design that supports sustainability.

Furniture Design

Chart Your Own Path

To better prepare students to become professional designers in this diverse field of design, our curriculum allows students to chart their individual paths based on their abilities, areas of interest, and career goals. Students learn the core studio skills in drawing, 2D, 3D, and fabrication methods using hard, soft, and sustainable materials in their first year. We encourage students to take a broad view of design, find, express and listen to their own voice and become active creators investigating ideas through every channel and dimension.

Package design

Empowered To Succeed

Students engage in internships and collaborative projects with external partners to gain industry experience. Our instructors are actively working within the industry and become advisors to each student, helping to identify and prepare for career paths that fit their interests, skills, and goals. Our graduates are fully prepared to sustain a successful career in this dynamic and ever-changing field of design within the global economy.