Financial Calculator

The Otis College Student Financial Calculator assists students and families in planning their remaining balance for the academic year. This planning tool provides an estimate of the cost of attendance. The planning tool may not reflect final actual cost at the time of enrollment. 
U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents: See the Financial Aid Application Guide to Apply for Federal Aid

How to Use the Financial Calculator: 
•    Review your financial aid offer through your student Dashboard
•    Input your accepted aid below. Use the checkbox to deduct the accepted aid from your estimated balance. 
•    Select check boxes (if applicable):

Gift Aid: Otis Scholarship, Federal and State Grants, and Other/Private Scholarships.

Self-Help Options:Federal Student Loans, Federal Parent Plus Loans, and Private Student Loans.

Tuition and Fees

For detailed information regarding tuition and fees at Otis College, visit Cost of Attendance.

Note: Otis Health Insurance Fee is automatically charged at enrollment. Waiver information here.

Options   Fall 0 Spring 0 Total
Tuition 26,370 26,370 0
Mandatory Health Center Fee 230 230 0
Mandatory Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Fee 143 143 0
Mandatory Technology Fee 143 143 0
Otis Health Insurance Fee 1,080 1,636 0

Tuition and Fees Total:

Housing & Meal Plans

Otis Housing Options

Otis Housing Options Total: 0

For detailed information regarding housing options at Otis College, visit Housing and Residence Life.

Otis Meal Plan Options

Otis Meal Plan Total: 0

For detailed information regarding meal plan options at Otis College, visit Dining and Meal Plans.

Gift Aid + Self Help Options

Gift Aid includes scholarships and grants. Self-Help Options include federal and private loans that student may borrow at low interest rates to assist with financing their cost of attendance.

Select the check box next to the type of aid you plan to accept. Each check box selected will be deducted from the remaining balance.

Note: Federal aid is awarded based on your Student Aid Index (SAI) from FAFSA. Not all types of aid apply to all students.

Type of Aid Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
Otis College Scholarships
Otis College Scholarship 0
Federal and State Grants
Pell Grant 0
SEOG Grant 0
Cal Grant 0
Other/Private Scholarships and Grants
Self-Help Option: Federal Loans
Subsidized Loan 0
Direct Unsubsidized Loan 0
Self-Help Option: Federal PLUS Loans
Parent Plus Loans 0
Self-Help Option: Private Student Loans
Private Loans 0

Aid Total


Tuition and Fees Total
Otis Meal Plan Total
Otis Housing Total
Aid Total -

Estimated Total Yearly Balance: $ 0

* Estimated Total Yearly Balance will change every academic year. The college increases tuition approximately 3% every year. This calculator is for estimated planning purposes only and is not a statement of charges or a finalized tuition statement.

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