Student Health Insurance Plan

Otis College Health Insurance Policy

All degree seeking students enrolled in BFA and MFA programs are required to have health insurance. All currently enrolled students are automatically enrolled in Otis College's Student Health Insurance Plan, unless a waiver is completed.

Currently enrolled students will receive weekly emails from Academic Health Plans (AHP) starting Spring 2024 with waiver instructions. Incoming Fall 2024 students will receive an email from Academic Health Plans from May 2024 through August 2024.

New incoming Spring 2025 students will receive an email from Academic HealthPlans (AHP) starting December 2024 with waiver instructions. NOTE: If you are a new incoming Spring student waiving the student health insurance plan, you will have to waive again Fall 2024.

Health Insurance Adminstrator and Plan Network

Otis College's insurance plan is administered through Anthem. It is a full service plan that utilizes the Anthem PPO Network. You are able to find insurance information regarding cost, benefits, claims, and more at

Plan Perks and Highlights:

  • All services at the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) on campus are 100% free (no co-pays)
  • On-Site Physician and Nurse Practioner in the SHWC on campus
  • Full service PPO plan with nationwide network
  • Low co-pays and deductible for off-campus services
  • Student Health and Wellness Center provides benefit and claims assistance, referrals and coordination of care
  • Otis College 2023-2024 Student Health Insurance Brochure

Discount Programs

Anthem Special Offers/Discounts

Dental and Vision Plans

Anthem also offers dental and vision plans that students can sign up for on their own. These plans are completely voluntary and paid directly to Anthem.

2024-2025 Pricing and Coverage Charts

BFA (undergraduate) and MFA:

Term Cost Coverage
Fall (2024) $1080 (5 months of coverage) 8/15/2024-1/6/2025
Spring/Summer (2025) $1636 (7 months of coverage) 1/7/2025-8/14/2025
Annual Rate (2024-2025) $2716  8/15/24-8/14/25

Insurance rate is determined based on actual calendar days of the plan coverage.

BFA (undergraduate) and MFA - Waiving:

The waiver site will open on May 1.

Term Dates Coverage
Waiving Link Will Be Available 5/01/2024–8/01/2024

Students are eligible to waive once they are admitted, enrolled and registered at Otis College.

Waiver Deadline 8/01/2024

If you have special circumstances please visit the Student Health & Wellness Center for more information

Dependent Coverage

You may enroll eligible dependents onto the health insurance plan as long as you are covered. For BFA (undergraduate) and MFA students, the Fall deadline to enroll dependents is 8/1/2024 (unless you are a new incoming Spring smester student, then the deadline is 2/1/2025).

If you would like to enroll dependents for the 2024-2025 academic year, please visit the following site. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, email

Leave of Absence and Not Re-Enrolling

The school's insurance plan covers you each semester that you are enrolled. Should your matriculation continue into the next semester, your coverage will also continue.

If you take a Leave of Absence within the first 30 days of the beginning of the semester, your insurance will be terminated. 

  • Example 1: You are enrolled for Fall 2024, but do not enroll for Spring 2025. Your coverage will end on the last day of Fall 2024 coverage.

  • Example 2: You are enrolled for Fall 2024 and enroll for Spring 2025, but then take a leave of absence less than 30 days into the Spring semester. Your coverage be terminated back to the last day of Fall 2024 coverage.

If you take a leave of absence 31 or more days into the semester, your insurance will remain in place for the rest of that semester and you will not be issued a refund. 

Please note: There is often lag time between your coverage ending and the insurance company's system showing that your membership is terminated. Should you use your insurance during that time, you will later be responsible to pay back anything that the insurance paid for you during that time. It is requested that you do NOT attempt to use your insurance after the termination date.

Accident Insurance

All currently enrolled students are enrolled in a comprehensive Student Accident Insurance plan.

Accident Insurance Plan

Accident Insurance Claim Form
(Download the form to fill it out online)

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