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With a broad variety of groups representing the unique interests of our students, clubs, and organizations play a critical role in supporting our campus community and enhancing the experiences you and your peers have inside and outside of the classroom. Visit Owl Connect to learn more about Clubs and Organizations.

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If you are interested in creating a new club/organization on campus, please read through the registration form found on the Application page, and submit your application before September 29, 2023. If you have questions, please contact

List of Active Clubs

Acting for Animators

The mission of AFA is to use acting and improve activities to help animators and other artists in their own work as storytellers. Acting is an important skill for animators and this club will give students a safe place to practice acting in a safe and supportive space. Acting is a great way to break out of our shells and work with others in a fun and exciting way.

AD&D (Art, Dice, and Dragons)

To act as a platform for people interested in tabletop games and other board games to meetup and form groups to play. There will also be regular meetups and events to help enhance and create new experiences. 

Animation Anomalies 

The mission of this organization will be to create a space for students to watch weird underrated animated movies together.

Anime Club

The mission of Anime Club is to create a fun space for people to watch anime and discuss various topics related to the shows we've watched in order create friendships from our shared love for anime.

Creative Design Club

The mission of Creative Design Club is to give students new and old alike an area to design and create outside of the classroom. The members of this club will work under weekly prompts provided by club officers to then design a character, environment, or prop for said prompt. This provides for a climate of creativity that will hopefully allow for more overall exploration of design.

Otis Kpop Club

Our mission is to spread a healthy and happy community that has a similar liking to kpop. We want to facilitate an environment where kpop lovers can thrive and take part in their hobbies. We also wish to globalize Korean culture in that same way.

Otis LARP Club

The LARP club's mission is to create a space where member can play as and act as characters that they would otherwise not be able to within the confines of a narrative or scenario.

Otis Storyboard Club

Our mission at the Storyboard Club is to help grow interest in storyboarding at Otis, and to help boost up our fellow students who already have an interest in storyboarding. The Storyboarding Club is a place where students who are interested in storyboarding can bond and grow together.

Otis Studio Ghibli Club

The mission of The Otis Studio Ghibli Club is to bring together various students who enjoy similar interests.

Vietnamese Student Association

The mission of Otis VSA is to provide a united voice for the Vietnamese community at Otis College of Art and Design. The UVSA was founded in 1982 as a means for the Vietnamese diaspora community to organize socially and politically. Otis VSA will similarly empower students and create an expressive, creative space for the Vietnamese diaspora community.  

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