Sexual Assault Support Services and Resources

Students who wish to discuss an incident of sexual misconduct in complete confidence should notify only Counseling Services or off-campus confidential resources.Please be aware that all Otis College employees, including professional staff, faculty, and certain student staff (such as resident assistants) have limited confidentiality and must report cases of sexual misconduct.

Important Time Frames

In the event of an assault, keep in mind the following time frames for emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and evidence collection:

  • Three days (up to 72 hours) from incident for emergency contraception and some potential STI prevention<
  • Four days (up to 96 hours) from incident for evidence collection (available at hospital emergency departments or Santa Monica Rape Crisis Center)

On and Off Campus Services

Campus Security

  • (310) 665-6965 

Local Police Departments

  • Emergency: 911
  • (310) 482-6334 (Westchester/Culver City)

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • (310) 665-6968

Title IX Coordinator

  • (310) 846-2554

Student Affairs

  • (310) 665-6960

Santa Monica Rape Crisis Center

  • (310) 319-4000


  • (877) 943-5778

Peace over Violence
Los Angeles County Rape & Battering Hotlines (English and Spanish)

  • (310) 392-8381
  • (213) 626-3393
  • (626) 793-3385

Retaliation Statement

Retaliation exists when an individual harasses, intimidates, or takes other adverse actions against a person because of the person’s participation in an investigation of discrimination or sexual misconduct or their support of someone involved in an investigation of discrimination or sexual misconduct. Retaliatory actions include, but are not limited to, threats or actual violence against the person or their property, adverse educational or employment consequences, ridicule, intimidation, bullying, or ostracism. The College will impose sanctions on any faculty, student or staff member found to be engaging in retaliation. Likewise, the College will not retaliate against anyone for filing a complaint made in good faith and will not knowingly permit retaliation by management, faculty, staff, or students.

Reporting Protections

The College expects that all community members will take reasonable action to stop, or prevent an act of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination. Such action may include intervening when safe to do so, requesting assistance of friends, contacting law enforcement or a person in authority. Any community member who should decide to exercise this moral obligation will be supported by the College and protected from retaliation.

Retaliation against any person or group that makes a complaint, cooperates with an investigation, or participates in the grievance procedure is in violation of College policy. Retaliation should be reported immediately to the Title IX Coordinator for investigative purposes.

Responsible Employee

What to do if a student confides in you:

Different people on campus have different abilities to maintain confidentiality. Here at Otis, only Counseling and Psychological Services can guarantee confidentiality. If a student comes to you, inform the student of your duties and your responsibility as a mandatory reporter. There are limits to confidentiality because you are obligated to report in instances of sexual misconduct. Additionally, if you suspect a danger to yourself or someone else, or if there is a serious threat to the community, you are to seek someone with more authority to help. Be knowledgeable of the resources available at the College to assist the student in making informed choices about who can best assist them.