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Unlock your peak potential and shape the future of entertainment marketing with Access, a Netflix x Otis Entertainment Certificate Program at Otis College of Art and Design.

Beginning in Fall 2023, this new immersive program has provided pathways to competitive careers in entertainment marketing for underrepresented students of color. The program will accept an inaugural class of 18 talented students, who will receive a full-tuition scholarship and direct mentorship from expert Otis College instructors and industry professionals. Combining hands-on coursework with top industry professionals and apprenticeship opportunities, this intensive 20-month program prepares driven creatives to thrive in a variety of entertainment industry marketing careers with in-demand skills, a robust portfolio, and a professional network.

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Insight is a great complement to access. Hear from those who have established careers in entertainment marketing, and who reflect the backgrounds and lived experiences of a new generation of creatives.

Otis x Netflix Certificate at a Glance

20Months Duration
Months Duration
6Month Apprenticeship
Month Apprenticeship
1:1Faculty and Industry Mentorship
Faculty and Industry Mentorship

Certificate Program Curriculum

Our curriculum features hands-on learning in a project-based environment to help you develop a well-rounded understanding of the design skills and concepts required of careers in entertainment marketing. These include trailer editing production, digital design, illustration, motion, copywriting, and more. In addition, you will learn the various work processes central to the business of design and can also customize your educational path through a wide range of electives as you progress through the program.
Students of Netflix Access

Featured Courses Include:

Discover what is behind a good trailer through a historical and technical overview of editing practices relevant to trailers and advertising. This course provides a deep dive into critical and analytical thinking through trailer reviews designed to help students develop a vocabulary for giving notes and learning the lexicon of editing. They will be exposed to the classics, various trailer styles, basic structures, and genres as they explore how trailer editing is evolving. Assignments address applications of essential terminology and common workflow tasks in Adobe Premiere, such as file management; importing footage, organizing files, and making sub-clips of footage; basic editing, arranging clips, and working in multiple layers and applying/adjusting basic video and audio effects. Topics include the role of music and sound as primary elements in trailer/promo editing.

Prerequisite: None  

Receive an introduction to design principles, including 2D design, color/value, typography, and composition in this foundational course. Students will study and make connections between historic movements and current trends that have inspired specific communication designs. In addition, they will examine common design issues that occur across still media and motion production. Through the use of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, they will develop foundational knowledge of digital design tools and workflows. Course projects address still and motion graphics production with respect to title treatments, credit billing blocks, copy, and critic review quotations as applied to key art. Through lecture, discussion, and studio time, students will employ design thinking skills to explore and solve problems. This course provides an ideal start for learning fundamental graphic design skills that can be applied to still media and motion production.

Prerequisite: None

Create motion graphics that can be applied to trailers through design and animation techniques used for trailers and other motion designs. Using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, students will develop proficiency in using digital tools and an awareness of industry practices and workflows relevant to motion design. Under the guidance of instructor expertise, they will apply motion to typographic elements for social media and trailers, make animated GIFs, and design “motion-posters” or cinemagraphs. Topics include designing critic quotes and understanding how those work in a trailer. This course builds on knowledge acquired in Introduction to Graphic Design & Typography and Digital Design I.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Design 

Gain an understanding of the practices, technical knowledge, terminology, and work processes central to the business of design. Topics include technical understanding of nomenclature, structure, and implications of entertainment industry contracts, such as Scope of Work and NDAs; copyrights; usage; and best practices for the use of source materials, fonts, and creative products. Students will review a project lifecycle from client's request to account management, and through the various departments that bring a creative vision to life. In addition, they will learn about the diverse career paths available across the entertainment marketing industry.

Prerequisite: None

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Securing a place for the next generation of creatives in entertainment marketing demands action—not in the future, but now.That's why we’re excited to partner with Otis College of Art and Design on Access, a new program which aims to provide just that—giving unprecedented industry access to underrepresented communities of color, and helping them turn their passions into promising careers.“
- Rapha Vasconcellos VP, Product Creative Studio, Netflix

Program Benefits

  • Receive a full-tuition scholarship that includes all required program materials, computer, and software applications. 
  • Experience a six-month paid professional apprenticeship at one of Netflix’s creative agency partners. 
  • Access one-on-one mentorship with entertainment industry professionals and top art and design instructors. 
  • Be immersed in a challenging and rewarding full-time 20-month curriculum. 
  • Study at Otis College’s thriving Los Angeles campus.

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Career Outlook

Where can you go with a Certificate in Entertainment Marketing?

A certificate in Entertainment Marketing can launch you on a new path or propel you into a career in the thriving entertainment industry. Whether you are passionate about implementing engaging content campaigns, writing attention-grabbing copy, or working with producers and directors, the education you receive at Otis College will prepare you for a variety of entertainment marketing roles.

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Entertainment Marketing Panel Discussion

Listen to a panel discussion that highlights entertainment marketing career opportunities demystifies how to break into the industry, and showcases the unique access this new program from Netflix and Otis College offers to underrepresented communities. Panelists provide a detailed overview of the Access program, coursework, and the six-month paid apprenticeship opportunity that admitted students will receive.

Study in a Global Creative Capital

At Otis College, we channel the spirit of discovery into an environment where you can be inspired to express your creativity. Your learning experience will begin on a thriving campus and expand to the city of Los Angeles—a global creative hub that is home to some of the world’s most renowned artists and designers.
Student Working on Character Design

Follow in their Footsteps

Otis College has a long history of educating talented creatives who are working and thriving across the entertainment  industry. Whether it’s working with Oscar-winning artists or building brand empires of their own, our alumni are continuously making their mark on the world. What will your path be?
Student Reviewing Magazines

Netflix x Otis: A Partnership That Creates Pathways

Otis College of Art and Design is proud to partner with Netflix, a global entertainment leader, to offer this unique certificate program. Otis College and Netflix hold a shared belief that diversity and inclusion in the fields of art, design, and entertainment unlock our ability to develop innovative solutions to new challenges. With Netflix’s support, historically underrepresented students have an opportunity to participate in this unique program tuition-free and unlock their full potential as a successful creator.

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