Travel Study Programs

Otis College is dedicated to the belief that exposure to and engagement with other cultures, people, and experiences broadens the mind and enables a deeper sense of self. Travel Study courses allow students to learn and work together in settings far beyond the college campus. Students are able to see and experience cultural and artistic exemplars and icons otherwise only accessible through reproductions. For more information about faculty-led Travel Study programs, please contact

11 travel study students and their instructor gathered aroud the statue of a dogTravel Study enables individuals to explore multicultural relations, gain experiential knowledge of real-world problems and be provided with the tools to promote civic engagement. For more information about faculty-led Travel Study programs, visit the travel study nest course all registered Otis students have access to.

3 travel study students sit on a quay with large billiard ball shaped floats in the waterThrough Exchange programs, Otis students develop greater confidence in their own abilities as artists and designers while actively engaging with global communities.

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Otis College students at least 18 years of age. Depending on the programming and the sponsoring department additional requirements may exist. Please check with the Travel Study office and/or the sponsoring department for further details.

Admission is rolling until program capacity is reached. Contact to find out if there's still room in the program, and to let them know you're interested in participating.

Yes! Please contact the financial aid office at 310-665-6898, for more details.

No, Otis receives no money from these trips apart from your class fees. Otis is committed to making these trips as affordable as possible by keeping the costs to a minimum without compromising on safety.

Depending on the program, students may be housed in shared apartments, dorms, hotels, or hostels during your in-country stay. Housing is provided by the program provider.

All travel arrangements are arranged by the program provider and factored in to the course costs. Students tarveling for exchange programs are responsible for their own travel accommodations.

You are required to purchase international health insurance for study abroad programs. If you need medical attention and/or immediate hospitalization in the country, the partners' local liaison or program provider will make the necessary arrangements. If you need urgent medical attention in the United States, your international medical insurance will pay for repatriation.

Internet access, facetime calls, SKYPE, and/or international calls are common ways to maintain contact. All students are required to obtain international data plans while traveling on travel study courses. 

Should your family need to contact you while you are traveling (e.g. after the program is over), emergency assistance is available through the Citizens' Emergency Center of the Office of Overseas Citizens Services (OCS), operated by the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs. The office can be reached at 202-501-4444 (from overseas) or 1-888-407-4747 (from the US). After hours emergency assistance is available by calling this number for more information. Website info: