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Z.LeBreton Collage

Graduate Studio

Graduate Studio focuses on a critical iterative process. During the course, students cultivate working methodologies to discover varied outcomes through working fluidly across media. With guidance and mentorship from faculty, students develop a body of work reflecting their interests, agendas, and values.

Final Studio

Unlike a traditional thesis project, our program  recognizes the value of completing  the degree with a series of wide ranging artifacts. Based on the work and research generated in previous semesters, students frame a position and a future practice.

Theory and Criticism

A diversity of critical approaches to twentieth and twenty-first century design are situated historically while introducing current themes and debates in contemporary design practice and related disciplines.

Models of Practice

Students work to contextualize their future practice through close examination of their own body of work, research, and on and off-site visits with contemporary design practitioners. This course provides opportunities to experience the many roles that designers can play today, exploring how practice models evolve in response to technological, cultural, economic, and political conditions.


Unlike a traditional thesis project, In addition to exploring their own practice, students learn about various aspects of running a business including business entity setup, accounting and taxes, contracts, marketing, and project management. Students will design and develop business materials needed to operate a freelance or design studio and build industry-related knowledge.

Suggested Electives

Web Coding Fundamentals • Type Design 1 • Experimental Typography (Motion and Web) • On-Screen Production and Concepts • Visual Language • Identity and Systems • Experimental Broadcasting