General Information

Provides easy-to-use access to information resources, enabling faculty and staff to employ information technology to facilitate shared academic and administrative objectives.

Provides students, faculty, and staff with day-to-day support services, following our “Commitment to the Community of Otis College” and “IT Code of Ethics”.

E-mail is an official means of communication within the College and with the external community. All e-mails should include a proper signature block and follow the E-Mail Etiquette guidelines and tips.

Main Office:

Ahmanson Hall 401
310 665-6803
Help Desk: Open a Work Order or Password Assistance Work Order

Data Standards

The College defines standards and guidelines to ensure consistent entry of organization and individual names and addresses into databases used at Otis College. The purpose of having the standard is to prevent duplicate entries in the database and to facilitate meaningful database search criteria. Since some databases will be used by programs throughout Otis College, it is important that the standard be implemented across the college to facilitate information sharing between different database systems deployed at Otis College.

The following two documents (PDF format) outline Otis' data standards:

Data Standards For Banner Users (PDF)

Accepted Otis College Abbreviations (PDF)

Otis College’s Password Manager Utility for Faculty and Staff

“Safely empower employees to reset their own passwords through a secure, self-service web page”

Otis College’s Active Directory Password Policy requires faculty and staff members to change their Active Directory passwords every 180 days. Active Directory credentials are used for logging into network computers, the Dashboard (, your Otis Email, the Nest, and other accounts. Otis Password Manager Utility provides an easy-to-use interface via PC and MAC browsers to assist you in managing your password. The utility provides you with the flexibility to establish any number of identity challenge questions (just like you do with your bank accounts), thereby empowering you to protect your identity and securely reset your own passwords. These new features are enabled through a 24/7 self-service web page – without needing to call the help desk.

Your password protects your online identity from unauthorized access, maintaining the privacy of your account and preventing other users from posing as you while performing malicious or illegal activities; if you suspect that another person may have access to your identity, change your password immediately and notify the CIO at x6916.

If you have questions please contact the Information Systems Helpdesk by opening a Work Order.

Click here for more information on resetting your password.