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Information Technology supports students, faculty, and staff with effective technology resources enabling flexible and integrated learning environments, providing appropriate teaching applications, and maintaining accessible and reliable information systems advancing the college’s mission. Otis College educates a diverse community of students to become highly skilled, well-informed, and responsible professionals—empowering them to shape the world. Information Technology at Otis has three main areas of focus: End-User Computing, Administrative Computing Services, and Technology Infrastructure.


  • Service: Provide high quality customer service and support to our students, faculty, and staff through the core values of appreciation, humility, and patience to advance the college’s mission in teaching and learning.
  • Innovation:  To solve problems with new methods and at new capacities by proposing changes to existing practices by introducing new ideas, approaches, or products. In order to be partners in innovation at Otis, we expect continuous improvement to be embraced at the individual, team, and departmental levels serving both academic and administrative goals.
  • Communication: Responsive, considerate, and practical communication is at the core of providing effective service with innovation. We recognize the diverse channels to positive conversations and embrace discourse that leads to new ways of engaging with our community members.
  • Partnership: To partner with the departments in the use of information technology to develop comprehensive and cost-effective solutions and services to advance the college’s mission.
  • Teamwork:  We value staff who appreciate their roles within teams.  IT staff endeavor to help co-workers complete tasks on-time with excellence and eagerly sharing credit understanding their role as an interdependent team members.
  • Integrity: To provide honesty and truthfulness in all processes, transparency is crucial in the way that we work with members of the Otis community. We always hold ourselves to a high standard of customer-focused services and strive to continually improve.


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