Zeal Harris creates urban-vernacular visual stories. Her influences are highly eclectic and include; Southern Black folk art, Asian scroll paintings,  Persian miniatures, Mexican ex-votos, and Afrofuturist literature. She lives in Los Angeles and is from Virginia and Washington, D.C. Currently, she is working on two series of artworks. One project, Pantheon of Akatas, is about ancestral-mother-maroons on the brink of ethnogenesis while on a  quest for the promised land. Her other project, I Be Livin’ Black Love, consists of black-feminist-themed book-style illustrations of contemporary life

A sampling of past exhibition venues for Zeal includes; The California  African-American Museum, Prizm Art Fair, Satellite Art Fair, Ghetto  Biennale in Haiti, The Caribbean Culture Center of the African Diaspora in  New York, and the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Arizona. She has been highlighted by Art News Magazine, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times,  Huffington Post, Obsidian Journal, Pacifica Radio, Fabrik Magazine,  Clocktower Radyo Shak, and the book, “Creative Souls: African-American  Artists in Greater Los Angeles”.  

Currently, Zeal is an Arts & African American Studies Lecturer at California State University at Fullerton and at Otis College of Art & Design.  She was recently the Arts Alive Artist-In-Residence at San Diego State University.

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