Herzen Saint-Petersburg University – St. Petersburg, Russia, 2004
Ph.D. – English Literature & Interdisciplinary Studies (w/ Honors)

Arzamas State Pedagogical University – Arzamas, Russia, 2000
M.A. – Classical Philosophy & ESL (w/ Honors)


Dr. Legg’s teaching interests cover the Intermediality in literary discourse.  Previous research interests have focused on “Theatricality as a type of creative world modeling in English Literature (XIX-XX centuries)” based on Intermedial analyses.  She was published in multiple Journals and Research Almanacs.  Her published works covered different aspects of methodology and semiotics of interdisciplinary research in Literature and Art of the XX century. In the past few years, she has delivered papers at some International meetings and conferences. 

Dr. Legg has recently developed two new courses entitled “Dialogue and Imagination” based on Bakhtin’s philosophical ideas and “Representation and Creativity” which is focusing upon the semiotic approach to understand “madness” as a creative force based on research of sociological and cultural dissonances bordering trans-disciplinary studies of psychoanalysis, analytical philosophy, and theoretical poetics. Media and Diversity: Collectivist vs Individualistic Perception of Media, introducing and broadening students’ knowledge about individualistic and collectivist cultures and giving them the tools/understanding to embody specific values, or thoughts and ideas that they view as important and Urban Anthropology: drawing from multiple disciplines, “the city” reverts to its projection as “performative symbol” to provide a microcosm of political economy and inequality, cultural and social dynamics of identity, race and exclusion, gender and sexuality, surveillance and privacy, and the dislocation of physical presence brought by social media and internet acculturation.  


Olga Legg's Picture


  • Years of Service (30 semesters) and Dedicated Service Award, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, 2020 
  • Certificate of Appreciation for contribution and dedication, Saudi Students Association, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, February 2018   
  • The Excellence in Teaching Award for MCD School (Media,Culture, and Design), Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, 2017 
  • Faculty Advisor Appreciation Award Communication Club, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, 2015 
  • Teacher Appreciation Award, Woodbury University, Burbank, California, 2009  


  • Theatricality as a Way of Life, currently under contract with The Edwin Mellen Press 
  • Bakhtin’s Dialogism and Semiotics in the Context of Visual Culture, a case study of the film Le Bal directed by Ettore Scola, The Edwin Mellen Press, 2020