Masters at Fuller - School of Intercultural Studies
Bachelors at McGill University


Louis Kang ~ Full Stack Engineer / Professor. 

Louis is currently the Applications Development Manager at Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood California.  Prior to working there, he worked for Digital Capital Management (Blockchain Hedge Fund) and Voto X Voto applications.  He currently manages several applications as well as oversees a Dev Team at LAFS. He has also had experience creating applications from scratch with his previous companies. Louis was also the founder and CEO of two non-profit organizations in downtown Los Angeles that have emphasized both neighborhood beautification and housing the homeless. In conjunction with Los Angeles County and several organizations, community betterment has been a passion and purpose in his pursuits. Louis has also been a professor for 6 years at LABI College teaching a vast array of courses for the student population. 


Louis E. Kang's Picture

Clients/Employment History:  

  • Full Stack Engineer: Los Angeles Film School, Digital Capital Management, Voto X Voto
  • Non-Profit Work: The House Los Angeles, Home LA
  • Professor: LABI College