BFA - OTIS College of Art & Design, 2013
MArch - UCLA Architecture & Urban Design, 2020


Hideyo Kameda is the co-founder of ZAKA Studio, a Los Angeles design practice that combines contemporary design with local, site-specific aesthetics. As a design professional for 9+ years, he brings his experience as an illustrator with both a Californian/Japanese-American sensibility into his creative approach in domains including screen printing, digital fabrication for artwork/set design, and architectural design.

Since graduating from UCLA’s graduate architecture program in 2020, he has continued to work in academic spaces with students in a teaching capacity while working on commercial, residential, and non-profit architectural design projects as design co-director at ZAKA Studio.

Hideyo Kameda's Work

District Holoplex (2020)


Hideyo Kameda's Work

17440 Revello Dr. (2022)

Hideyo Kameda's Work

Pasarroyo (2021)

Hideyo Kameda's Work

Naga Mandala (2018)

Hideyo Kameda's Work

KeikaType (2022)

Hideyo Kameda's Work

218 Hill St (2021)


Hideyo Kameda's Picture


IIDA Calibre Design Award for Pasarroyo in the Public & Community Spaces Category (2022). Pasadena. Design Team: Wolcott Architecture Interiors

Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

  • Currents Exhibition at UCLA AUD (2020) “LA Portaits: Historic Downtown Theater District Holoplex”
  • Save Art Space Public Art Exhibition (2018) “Naga Mandala”
  • Gabba Gallery RAWR Exhibition (2014) “Charybdis”
  • ARCADIA (2013) with Slaphq! “Imum Coeli”
  • 2x8: TAUT (2012) “[Zhang] Inflatable Restaurant”


UCLA Urban Humanities Initiative Digital Salon Podcast (2019) “Un/planned Transitions”

Clients/Employment History:  
  • ZAKA Design Studio, Co-Founder, 2020-Current
  • Neil Denari Architects, Contract Project Designer, 2020-Current
  • UCLA AUD, Special Topics TA, 2019
  • Wolcott Architecture, Project Designer, 2015-2017
  • John Andrews Group, Designer, 2014-2015
  • Miri Chais Studio, Lead Digtal Fabricator, 2013-2014