GDUSA Students to Watch in 2018: Janis Ahn and Jacob Witt
Graphic Design USA's "Students to Watch in 2018," list has just been released and features two Otis College seniors. Designers Janis Ahn ('18 Communication Arts) and Jacob Witt ('18 Communications Arts) were chosen among students from leading design programs all around the country. Learn more about Janis and Jacob in their GDUSA interviews below.

Reprinted from GDSA 

Janis is a graphic designer and photographer practicing in Los Angeles. She is currently a senior in Communication Arts. Through her work, Janis strives to challenge the conventions of what graphic design is and isn’t, and is continuing to discover the different ways this practice can live in our world. She enjoys the process of making through physical forms and printed materials while at the same time expanding her experience with digital design through work in advertising. Janis sees that her purpose as a designer is not to simply focus on the visual outcomes but on the problem solving mechanisms for positive change to our world. Aside from design, she loves seasoned cashews, bass solos, and functioning printers. Away from the computer you can find her taking photographs, listening to podcasts, and asking to hold strangers’ dogs.

Where were you born and where do you live now?
Born and still residing in sunny Southern California

Fictional or historical character you identify with?
Leslie Knope. More than identify with, I envy

Favorite free time activity?
Going to the Farmers Market and cooking. With more time I love making day trips to the desert.

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Jacob is a Los Angeles based graphic designer currently studying Communication Arts. His interest in graphic design stems from the aesthetics and DIY ethics of the 1980s Hardcore scene. He has worked with clients ranging from Mark Bradford and the 2017 Venice Biennale to Chicago based classical music label, Cedille records while interning at both Poly-mode and Studio Rubric.

Favorite type of music?
80s Hardcore/Punk

Favorite fine artist?
Hard to pick just one, my favorite contemporary artist is Christian Rex van Minnen

Last book you read?
Right now I’m reading The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 by Jorn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud

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