Meet Clover Clemans (BFA Toy Design '17)

"I love that every single major here is art but it’s all a different type of art. So when we come together, we all have different interests but we kind of overlap in some ways, I think that’s beautiful," says Clover Clemans (BFA Toy Design '17). "I have to say one of the biggest things that I have learned at Otis is to get inspiration from everywhere. You have to look to other places and get inspired by many other people." 

Otis is the only college that offers a comprehensive 4­‐year bachelor degree major in Toy Design. The program focuses on the A to Z process of designing and bringing toys to market. "Otis had the toy program," says Clemens about why she chose to attend, "which to me, was so unique and really combined a lot of different types of art that I was interested in and that I could use a lot of my skills and I didn’t have to sacrifice just by choosing one path."

Being close to so many major toy companies, working with professionals in the field through sponsored projects, as well as internship opportunities really made all the difference according to Clemans. "One of the most important things that I did, absolutely the most important thing I did, were internships and the freelance work that I was doing on the side, professional experience is very important." 

Each year graduating seniors show their work at the Annual Exhibition, a multi-day showcase that enables them to meet with recruiters, display their work for the public, and celebrate with family and friends. The next Annual Exhibition will be held May 12, 2018. 

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