Unleash Your Child’s Creativity at Otis College’s Summer Youth Camps

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Summer youth camps student

Whether your child is a future art star or has had minimal exposure to art and design, they’ll find their creative niche at Otis College’s Summer Youth Camp program. Running from June 17 to August 9, Summer Youth Camps offer a variety of weekly sessions in three age groups: 5-8, 9-12, and 13-14. The wide range of offerings include drawing and painting, motion graphics and graphic design, fashion and character design, graphic novels, and much more.

“I loved taking classes in the summer program at Otis because it was fun and chill and I got to work with a bunch of other creative students who had common interests,” says Salvador Rivera, 12, who has taken classes in cartooning, 2D animation, and toy design. “I love art because it allows me to express my feelings, either on a piece of paper or in a sculpture, and there’s no wrong way to express it.” 

As you plan your child’s summer—whether it includes sports, academics, performing arts, or other activities—consider how an art and design experience at Otis College can enhance their time off from school. Research has shown that art and design education helps students develop their social-emotional and interpersonal skills, and can even improve their academic performance. 

Here are five differentiators that make Summer Youth Camps at Otis College an enriching and flexible option. 

Instructors Are Working Artists and Designers

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At Summer Youth Camps, students learn from professional toy designers, art directors, artists, animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and more. In addition to their technical expertise and artistry, they’re also experienced educators, adept at teaching students of all ages and creative abilities. Many Summer Youth Camp instructors have taught with Otis Extension and in the College’s BFA program. 

Is your child a budding toy designer? Imagine the possibilities when they learn the tools of the trade from instructors who have worked at such industry stalwarts as Mattel and Hasbro. How about your aspiring animator? They can learn character design, storytelling, and animation from instructors who have worked on projects for Disney and Marvel. 

Access to First-Rate Tools, Supplies, and Facilities

summer youth camps students

The classrooms and facilities at Otis College are like one big creative toolbox available to your child when they enroll in Summer Youth Camp. They learn cutting-edge software in our computer labs, design and drape on dress forms in our Fashion Design studio, and sculpt and paint in classrooms designed for artists. Instructors ensure your child has all the necessary tools and supplies to create inspiring assignments that they’ll bring home at the culmination of every weekly session. From day one, students need only show up for class eager to learn and create. 

Students Learn Technique in a Supportive Environment

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No matter their skill level, your child’s creativity will be nurtured at Otis College. At its foundation, the Summer Youth Camp program is built upon teaching students valuable skills and techniques while developing their imaginations. Composition, color theory, observation, how to hold a pencil or paintbrush, and how to use the digital tools on their computers—these are some of the things your child will learn from instructors who support and encourage each student’s unique vision and ideas. 

Students ideate and develop characters and stories, and gain experience articulating the thought processes behind their work. Supportive instructors guide students in working individually and collaboratively in the classroom, and in sharing insight and feedback with their classmates.

Lots of Outdoor and Socializing Time

Otis College Campus commons

Take a peek inside any Summer Youth Camp classroom and you’ll see students in creative flow states, harnessing their ideas and getting their hands dirty (literally). Taking breaks from focused work is essential to maintaining creative output, so a typical day at Summer Youth Camp involves breaks and a lunchtime period for full-day students. During these breaks, students take advantage of the open green space on Otis College’s intimate, five-acre campus. Under the supervision of Otis student teaching assistants, participants have plenty of time to eat, run around, or lounge on the Commons before returning to class. 

Flexible Class Times

summer youth camps students

Otis College’s Summer Youth Camps offer the ultimate in summer programming flexibility. Students can register for one or all eight weeks of the program, as each week offers something different depending on their age group. Younger learners between the ages of 5 and 8 have half- or full-day class options while students in the 9-12 and 13-14 age groups attend from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. with several breaks in between. Parents can rest assured their child will be engaged and supervised the entire day. 

For more information about Summer Youth Camps, visit otis.edu/summer-youth-camps.  See the weekly breakdown of class offerings and tuition information. For inquiries, contact Otis Extension at summercamp@otis.edu or 310-665-6850.

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