Among the Treasures and Dark Star represent some of the artist’s smallest works to date.

Among the Treasures, Dark Star

Left: Among The Treasures, 2020 (Oil on canvas, 8 by 6 inches)
Right: Dark Star, 2020 (Oil on canvas, 8 by 6 inches)

Hayley Quentin, ’08 BFA Fine Arts

I hadn’t painted in six months, from March through to August. These were the first pieces made after said hiatus. I felt small and drawn inwards. Still do. These paintings are so tiny, the smallest I’ve ever worked. I have always felt like my paintings capture a frozen moment in time, one drawn out into infinite possibility. Now it seems those possibilities are shrinking, smaller and smaller. These paintings are twin senses, like longing and desire.

These pieces were recently shown in “Exhibition 2020” at Ro2 Art in Dallas, TX. I continued to work on this small series of paintings in my studio.

Hayley Quentin recently cofounded LUCTA-LA, an online art school that counts among its teaching artists Ally Wallace (’20 MFA Fine Arts). For more information, please visit and follow her on Instagram, @its_hayleyquentin.