Magic Through Motion is designed to help content creators grow their animation skills and build their portfolio.

Claire Oring

Claire Oring (’11 BFA Digital Media, Animation)

I just spent the past 14 months creating my very first online course—a deep-dive into creating commercial stop motion animation. The course distills a decade of my trials and errors in commercial advertising, from running a content studio owned by The New York Times to starting my own creative studio, Oui Create, and I’m so proud of it!

Magic Through Motion is the only course on the market that will not only teach students how to make beautifully branded stop motion animations and land stop motion clients, but also help them grow their portfolio along the way.

This course is fun—without the fluff—to help photographers and content creators grow their animation skills and portfolio, fast. I want students to say goodbye to suffering through confusion and scavenging the internet for stop motion tutorials by creators who have no advertising experience. In the class we’ll dig deep into the strategy and technical skills of creating scroll-stopping animations and digital ads.

The course is for the professional product photographer who wants to stand out from their competition and create compelling ads for their clients, the tech-savvy creator in search of an innovative way to generate income, the in-house creative aspiring to accelerate their brand's growth, the creative blogger ready to take their brand partnerships to the next level—or any confident photographer ready to make moves and work from home!

I’m grateful for my BFA in Digital Media from Otis College for laying the foundation of my animation knowledge—it’s a great starting point for any future animators out there!

More information about Magic Through Motion can be viewed at this link. For more information on Oring, please visit Oui Createand follow the studio on Instagram, @ouicreate.