The Chinatown space is almost double the size of its former location.

Jessica Silverman’s Eponymous Gallery in San Francisco Opens a New, Larger Space

Jessica Silverman exterior, courtesy of Jessica Silverman, San Francisco; photo by Henrik Kam.

Jessica Silverman, ’05 BFA Fine Arts

In January 2020, I signed a new lease at 621 Grant Avenue in San Francisco, and in February 2020, I started demo. As we all remember, things started shutting down in March 2020, which meant that the renovation of my new gallery would be delayed. Materials were behind, factories had COVID breakouts that caused interruptions, and the permit process was incredibly slow. Thankfully, with much persistence, we finished our new gallery construction in April 2021. Seeing this vision through from start to finish was incredibly rewarding. This new space is double the size of my old one, is closer to downtown, and is a much better working environment. It is also a space that our artists love making exhibitions for. Our lighting is versatile, our ceilings are high, and the volume of the space is ambitious. Our business had grown so much that this new space was needed for our continued success. It seems that the saying, “If you build it, they will come,” is true.

Installation angle 1
Installation angle 2
Installation angle 3
Installation angle 4
Jessica Silverman showed the work of Andrea Bowers, a faculty member in Otis College’s MFA Fine Arts program, through April 23, 2022. The gallery also participated in the Frieze L.A. and EXPO Chicago art fairs. When the new gallery space opened, ARTNews called Jessica Silverman “one of the country’s leading galleries.” You can follow the gallery on Instagram, @jessicasilvermangallery