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Creative Economy

Otis College Report on the Creative Economy

The Otis College Report on the Creative Economy is a vital resource analyzing the influence and impact of creative sectors on the overall economy of California.

Launched in 2007 as an annual publication, the report has evolved into an ongoing research program encompassing a series of timely studies, an interactive digital dashboard that highlights data and trends across creative sectors, and events related to the research.

Creative Economy Dashboard and Report

Otis College’s creative economy dashboard is an interactive online resource that tracks the performance of the creative economy across California in real time. This free tool provides users with immediate access to current information, compiling data found in the previous reports, new data points, and expanded history and geographic coverage of the creative economy. 

Creative Economy Dashboard

The dashboard also enables Otis to produce topical and timely updates about different aspects of the creative economy throughout the year. The dashboard and focused reports will replace the report’s previous, annual format. Alongside the launch of the dashboard, we released a report that reviews the most important changes in California’s creative economy over the past year.

Recent Research

Otis College has long been a leading chronicler of California’s creative economy, with reports issued annually since 2007. To complement the new creative economy dashboard, Otis College will regularly share in-depth research on relevant topics for individual creative sectors. These include a two part series on the evolving entertainment and production sector released in December 2023 and May 2024.

The recent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes caused a major rupture in Hollywood, but they represented an expression of underlying changes that have been shaping the industry for the past decade. To understand how these changes might impact the entertainment industry, the first of these reports explores contemporary issues the industry faces, including employment trends, technology change, production infrastructure and capacity, and other pressing topics. The second report, released in spring 2024, focuses on the transformation of the film and television industry during the streaming era and within the context of the greater entertainment complex.

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