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Message from the Chair: Student work
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Message from Annetta Kapon, Interim Chair


Congratulations to the MFA class of 2020! As the outgoing Interim Chair of the MFA FA program, this cohort of artists is very close to my heart: We have been through two years together, and they have been through two years with one another: the echo of these experiences will probably reverberate inside us for the rest of our lives. Thank you, and stay in touch! 

Enjoy the work of Kyle Schwingel, Ally Wallace, Nefertiti Jenkins, Chris Stoltz, Christina Rankin, Claire Sun, Miguel Hernandez and Chuanyuan Song. These are the eight grads that, due the coronavirus pandemic, have not had their physical thesis exhibitions. Notice their images and notice also their words: they are not only identifying their work as painting, photography, sculpture, performance or installation, but they also discuss their own practice in terms of labor, order, politics, psychology, music, fiction, the erotic, the everyday, the poetic, popular culture, truth, language, architecture, documentation and narrative. They are not only producing work that fits into existing practices, they are also generating the discourses necessary for the work to be understood. 

Please also stay tuned for the addition of the rest of the class of 2020 on May 8. Maria Laura Hendrix, Bria Goodall, Cassia Reynolds, Derek Prado, Mirena Kim, Danny Kadum, Ameera Daaood, Xiaoxiao Wu and Justin Nunnally were able to install their Thesis Exhibitions in the Bolsky Gallery, before March 2020. I salute the successful installation of your work in actual space.Congratulations to all of you, and best wishes from the bottom of my heart. 

I have also been looking forward to acknowledging the faculty and staff of the department: Acting Assistant Chair Kathrin Burmester, office manager Matthew Carter, and professors Judie Bamber, Allison Miller, Kori Newkirk, Renee Petropoulos, Cletus Dalglish Schommer, Kade Twist, and Benjamin Weissman.

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Annetta Kapon
Interim Chair
MFA Fine Arts


Photo credit: Chris Stoltz