Larry Li

The Last Supper Before the Revolution
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My practice unravels the individual dealing with the histories, symbology, and politics of a diasporic body. As a Chinese American raised in the west, my work reflects the need to investigate my cultural amnesia through the act of creation. My interests draw from this framework, taking images from my own family history, historical photographs, and cultural symbology, to create works that reinterpret my cultural history and narratives from a contemporary diasporic perspective.

The Last Supper Before the Revolution
68in X 56in, oil, acrylic, image transfer on canvas

A composition of different historical imagery collapsed together with religious iconography forming an alternative narrative that draws inspiration from the story of the last supper, where this collective meal represents the coming of significant change in Chinese history brought upon by the cultural revolution. 

alternate text: An oil painting of figures in a noodle stand in front of an image of the red guards from the Chinese cultural revolution, in the style of a religious triptych, the figures are painted in black and white and the red guards triptych in the back is in red with a black image transfer overlaid on top