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Propose a Travel Study Program


STEP 1: Discuss Travel Study possibilities with your Department Chair.

STEP 2: Complete the Travel Study Developer Questionnaire. This form will assist you in working with program providers to craft your course.

STEP 3: Select a Program Provider from the here or contact the Center for International Education for an additional list of providers.

If you are unable to locate a program provider (or if you are not using a provider on this list), it will rest on you to locate a local ground operator or partnering institution that can assist with the program logistics and facilitation of your course. Please complete and submit the Program Provider Request Form along with your proposal.

STEP 4: Contact your Program Provider and begin working on an itinerary/ budget for your course. The Center for International Education can help you through this process.

STEP 5: Complete the Travel Study Proposal & Budget Template

STEP 6: Meet with the Center for International Education to review your proposal prior to submission.

STEP 7: Submit your Proposal and supplemental materials to the Center for International Education

STEP 8: International Education Steering Committee will review proposal.