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Track It and Contact Information


Otis College of Art and Design uses Numara’s Track-It software to centralize help desk operations for the Facilities Management and Information Systems departments.  We are currently using version 9.0 that has corrected many of the problems we had with the previous version.  The Facilities and Information Systems departments use Track-It to mange their daily work flows.  Users use Track-It to notify these departments of problems or request for service.  This is the main means of requesting help.

Users are given a username / password (to change password see: Track-It Web Client Password Reset) so they can log into Track-It and create, monitor, and update work orders.  Older versions of Track-It had problems and users sometimes could not log in.  These problems have been addressed and fixed with version 9.0.

Several new enhancements have been made to Track-It and Otis College has implemented some of these:

  • Converts E-mails to work orders: An E-mail sent to Information Systems helpdesk (helpdesk@otis.edu), Facilities Management (facilitiesmanagement@otis.edu) or Web Team (webteam@otis.edu) e-mail account is converted into a work order.  An e-mail conformation will be sent back to the sender with a tracking number.
  • Converts Voicemail to work orders: Voicemail left on the Information Systems work order phone (310) 665-6915, Facilities work order phone (310) 665- 6872 or Web Team work order phone (310) 665-6931 will be converted into a work order.  If you phoned from on campus, a conformation e-mail will be sent to the person assigned to the phone.

There are number of ways you can generate a work order.  It is up to you to help the Facilities and Information Systems departments so they can help you.  You start by creating a work order.  Phone calls, memos, and in the hall conversations will still work for emergencies but not for a general help request – no work order, no work. The only way to get help is to submit a work order.

You may:

  • Use the web to access Track-It
  • E-mail helpdesk@otis.edufacilitiesmanagement@otis.edu or webteam@otis.edu
  • Call work order phone.  For Information Systems:  (310) 665-6915, Facilities: (310) 665-6872 or Web Team: (310) 665-6931.
  • Messages left on the Information Systems Helpdesk number (310) 665-6914 will also be converted into a Track-It work order.

When submitting a work order by e-mail or voice mail you must include the following so the work order can be completed.  Failure to include this information will result in the work order being canceled.

  • Full contact information:
  • Full Name
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Description detailing the problem to be resolved or service requested.  In case of a problem include more information that just it “doesn’t work”  – details help get the problem resolved quickly.  In case of a service such as setting up chairs and/or tables, number of chairs and/or tables must be included along with their position. Before you sending your e-mail read it or listen to your voice mail and put yourself in shoes of those trying to full fill your request.  Does it make sense and does it have all the necessary information?
  • How critical is the request?  Please be honest and don’t classify every request as “Critical”.  Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf.
  • Only one request per work order.  For multiple problems and/or service requests a work order for each request must be submitted.  Do not submit multiple requests/problems on one work order.

Changing Your Password (Track-It Web Client Password Reset)

1. Go to the URL http://helpdesk.otis.edu

2. Enter your user name and password and click the Sign In button.  Track-It Passwords is different from your normal logon password. If you forgot your password, contact the MIS Dept at 310-665-6914.

Track-It Login

3. Click User Account in the menu bar.

4. Click Change Password and enter your old password.

Change Password

5. Enter your new password, and enter it again for confirmation, then click the OK button.

You can now access Self Service using your new password.

Some Stats

Thank you for using Track-It! As you can see our work orders have been growing since 2008.  

Completed Work Orders