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Graduate Writing


From Confrontation to Cooperation

Lewis Macadams, Senior Lecturer, Graduate Writing


In the late 1930s, in response to a pair of deadly floods, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors called in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to control the unruly L.A. River. The mission was to get the water to the ocean as fast as possible. The idea that it might make sense, in a city that gets less than 15 inches of rain a year on average, to conserve some of those hundreds of millions of gallons of freshwater seems to have never occurred to the Army Corps.

Martha Ronk Selected Poems

By Martha Ronk

Senior Lecturer, Graduate Writing


The film breaks into dialogue after long stretches
Of the sort of silence associated with wet roads
And the sounds of tires hissing in the trees as
The wind’s an artificial product of moving toward the horizon
As enclosure’s only a category of mind.
And then the final exchanges about the weather first
And tentative efforts to snare the other’s litany of complaints
The very act of driving was designed to eliminate any sense of.


Downtown Central Library Reading

Working with ALOUD and LFLA, graduate writing students read at the first-ever “Writing the Future” event at ALOUD in the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles.

Listen to the podcast of the reading.

Photo by Gary Leonard

Peter Gadol awarded NEA fellowship

Graduate Writing Professor Peter Gadol was awarded a Creative Writing Fellowship by the NEA. His six novels include The Long Rain, Light at Dusk, and most recently, Silver Lake, which was nominated for awards from the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association and the Lambda Literary Foundation. His work has been published in foreign editions, and his short fiction has appeared in Story and Tin House.


Graduate Writing - 2010 Titles

Sorina Dickerson
Thesis Title: Winter's Sparrow
Michelle Kholos Brooks
Thesis Title: Big Leather Jacket
Jill Hummelstein
Thesis Title: Let The Hangman Do His Job
Enjoli Flynn
Thesis Title: Looped

Graduate Writing - 2008 Titles

Ryan Thomas Riddle
Thesis Title: Blood Pudding: A Novel
Aaron Philip Clark
Thesis and Published Title: The Science of Paul (New Pulp Press, 2011, novel)
Polly Geller
Thesis and translation: Adriano Spatola's The Porthole

Graduate Writing - 2008 Titles

Stacey Hoshimiya
Thesis Title: driving I
Jessica M Wilson
Thesis Title: Raw Kit
Ali M. Meghdadi
Thesis Title: Singularity
Christoph Girard
Thesis Title: Ten and One Left

Graduate Writing - 2007 Titles

Charles Davis
Thesis Title: Molotov Cocktail
C.J. Pizarro
Thesis Title: Genesis of a Mongoloid Messiah
Penny Weinraub
Thesis Title: Left Handed
Marcia L. Leslie
Thesis Title: Beyond Image

Graduate Writing - 2006 Titles

Darcy Vebber
Everything so Far
Britten Leigh Heft
Sink or Swim
Screen Writing
Jessica Holmes
empty spaces
Michael Cooney
Walking in my Sleep
Julie Lauren Vick