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  • Rendering female models and celebrities on large-scale canvases and with quick, expressive brushstrokes, painter Katherine Bernhardt examines representations of beauty in mainstream media and fashion photography. She paints her subjects with severe, exaggerated features and emaciated limbs that sometimes morph into abstraction, recalling the works of Pablo Picasso. “Some people ask if I hate the models I paint,” she says. “I say no, I don't hate them.

  • UpCycle Day 2014!

    Sep 03| Special Event

    Join us for the 3rd Annual UpCycle Day!

    Learn about the Resource Exchange

    Bring your excess supplies and materials to share and trade. 

    Stock up for the school year with Free supplies and materials. 

    Help divert our collective waste from ending up in landfills.


  • Forrest Gander

    Sep 03| Lectures

    Otis Books/Seismicity Editions is pleased to publish Panic Cure: Poetry from Spain for the 21st Century, an anthology of poems from eleven contemporary Spanish poets, active from the 1960s through the present. Selected and translated by Forrest Gander, Panic Cure is notable for its impressive range of poetic voices.

  • Jan Brandt

    Sep 04| Lectures
  • Joel Kyack

    Sep 09| Lectures
    JOEL KYACK Lives and works in Los Angeles.


  • A dynamic portrait of the life of computer prodigy Aaron Swartz who championed free speech and data sharing, this must-see documentary premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and was the opening night film at the 2014 Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. 

    We're excited the film’s director Brian Knappenberger will be our special guest speaker for the Q & A moderated by Movies that Matter series producers Judy Arthur and Perri Chasin after the screening. 

  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer lives and works in Brussels.



Staff Performance Appraisals

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The Evaluation process exhibits the specific Workplace Values of Performance, and Communication that support our College’s Mission.  Evaluations allow for the opportunity to recognize accomplishments, provide honest feedback for growth, and set well-founded goals to advance staff members, departments, and the overall College. Below are the outlined steps for our Staff Evaluation process:  

*Please be advised Acrobat is required to open the Self Evaluation and Manager Evaluation links. If you need assistance with downloading Acrobat, please contact IS Department.

*Do not enter information while form is in browser, you will risk losing information entered. Please follow instructions: 1) after opening Evaluation form, SAVE the document on your computer to desired location, 2) you may begin to type and fill-in the Evaluation form and 3) remember to periodically SAVE your document

Step 1:  Submission of Self-Evaluation Form

Staff Members complete their self-evaluation and submit a completed form to their managers.

Self Performance Evaluation


Step 2: Completion of Evaluation Document by Manager

Managers complete a draft staff evaluation and submit to HR for review by Monday, June 2, 2014.

Manager Performance Evaluation


Step 3: Meeting Set-Up

Managers set up and conduct individual performance meetings with each of their staff members. In the meeting, staff sign the form in acknowledgment of (not agreement with) the evaluation. 

Steps 4 & 5: Performance Documents Finalized and Filed

The Manager forwards the completed and signed evaluation forms to Human Resource's Office no later than Monday, June 30, 2014 for filing.

Please Note:

  • The staff evaluation time frame is May 1 through April 30 of each year.
  • Staff hired before December 1 of the evaluation period participates in the Performance Evaluation process.
  • Staff hired after December 1 should receive feedback during this this time. However, the manager indicates that this is the employees 6 month review on the top right hand corner of the form.


Self Performance Evaluation
Manager Performance Evaluation