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Midsemester Feedback

Midsemester Evaluations are a great way to collect feedback from your students on how the course is progressing. Such feedback allows the rest of the semester to move smoothly, and gives students some responsibility.
"Research has shown that getting and using mid semester feedback helps improve both teaching and learning. It also helps avoid comments like this one I read from a student about a class (not mine!) that did not go particularly well –“What’s the point? The class is over.” - Debra Ballard

Types of Questions:

  • What have you learned in this course that you find particularly interesting or compelling?

  • At this point in the semester, what do you find still confusing or unclear?
  • What aspects of this course and your instructor's teaching help you learn best?
  • What specific advice would you give to help your instructor improve your learning in this course?
  • What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in class?
  • What other ideas would you suggest to improve this course (e.g., changes in course structure, assignments or exams)?