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Portfolio Magazine

This short lived magazine of the early 1950s is often considered the best work of Alexey Brodovitch, an art director who is said to have changed the nature of magazine design.

image - Spread on Giambbattista from Portfolio Magazine #1.

Issue #2 has an embossed cover, bound-in wallpaper sample, several fold-outs and the highest quality printing available in the early 1950s. Contents include: Article on Charles Coiner, The Amazing Vari-Typer, Advertising Art in 1900, and a feature article on Charles and Ray Eames.

The issue pictured on the right has an article Hobo Signs and one on Stereoscopy with glasses included.


Harpers Bazaar

While art director at Harper's Bazaar from 1934-1958, Alexey Brodovitch was known for his asymmetrical layouts, white space and dynamic imagery. He worked with artists such as Man Ray, Richard Avedon, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

image - Spread from Harper's Bazaar, April 1941
image - Spread from Harper's Bazaar, June 1938

The Library also owns a nearly complete run of Harper's Bazaar for this entire period.

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