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  • Bauhaus Dances

    Feb 07| Screening

    Bauhaus Dances, 1986 presented by Debra McCall
    Sunday, February 7, 4pm, Otis Forum, Free

  • Jillian Mayer is an artist and filmmaker living in South Florida. Her video works and performances have been premiered at galleries and museums internationally such as MoMA, MoCA:NoMi, BAM, Bass Museum, the Contemporary Museum of Montreal with the Montreal Biennial (2014) and film festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, and the New York Film Festival. She was recently featured in Art Papers, ArtNews and Art Forum discussing identity, Internet and her artistic practices and influences.
  • York Chang (b. 1973, St. Louis, MO) is an interdisciplinary artist who uses forensic and archival information systems as supports for poetic gestures and alternate histories, in order to interrogate the aesthetic conventions of authority which often serve to blur the line between fiction and reality. He earned both his BFA (1996) and Juris Doctorate (2001) from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). York Chang lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, and is represented by Greene Exhibitions. 
  • Presidents' Day Holiday

    Feb 15| Academic Dates

    Otis offices are closed for the Holiday.

  • Oliver Kellhammer is an independent artist, writer and researcher, who seeks, through his botanical interventions and social art practice, to demonstrate nature’s surprising ability to recover from damage. His recent work has focused on the psychosocial effects of climate change, cleaning up contaminated soils, reintroducing prehistoric trees to landscape damaged by industrial logging and cataloging the ecology of brownfield ecologies. He currently works as a lecturer in sustainable systems at Parsons in New York City.
  • In this performance I try to summarize In search of past time with my own words, as a story of another time which reveals itself contemporary. I deliver my own intimate and personal perception of this book which radiates in my life. Each performance is another opportunity to explore different zones of the book, proceeding at random, inspired by an aleatory and fickle memory. 
  • The Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Department at Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to announce the George H. Scanlon Foundation Lecture REDUX.4 by IÑAKI ÁBALOS


New Books List


This is a list of books added to the Otis Library in the last month, and is updated nightly. To change the order in which the books appear, click on a heading to sort by that field.

Date Added Title Call Number Location Item Type Item#
2/1/16 The story of modern art / Norbert Lynton. N6490 L93 1989 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69130
2/1/16 The art of mechanical reproduction : technology and aesthetics from Duchamp to the digital / Tamara Trodd. N72 T4 T76 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69137
2/1/16 Fantastical : the art of Matt Gaser / foreword by Christian Alzmann ; afterword by Glenn Rane ; book design by Iain R. Morris. N8217 F28 G37 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69147
2/1/16 The education of a graphic designer / edited by Steven Heller. NC590 E38 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69134
2/1/16 Science of creature design : understanding animal anatomy / Terryl Whitlatch. NC780 W44 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69148
2/1/16 German design for modern living : the classics / Bernd Polster ; [translation into English, Jennifer Taylor, Steve Cox]. NK1450 A1 P65 2008 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69132
2/1/16 Persian textile designs / Mehry Motamen Reid. NK1474 A1 R46 1984 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69145
2/1/16 Visual storytelling - infographic design in news / edited by Liu Yikun and Dong Zhao. P93.5 V57 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69146
2/1/16 The art of Star Wars the force awakens / written by Phil Szostak ; foreword by Rick Carter. PN1997 S6596 S96 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69131
2/1/16 The art of Krampus / written by Michael Mallory ; foreword by Michael Dougherty. PN1997.5 K73 M35 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69149
1/28/16 Pocket pal : a graphic arts production handbook. Z244.3 P642 2000 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69128
1/12/16 Intersecting Inquiries : Research at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago / students of Publication Incubator, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. N330 C42 A88 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69118
1/12/16 Covert to overt : the under/overground art of Shepard Fairey / editor: Simon Steinhardt. N6537 F316 A4 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69123
1/12/16 The art of Walt Disney : from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms / Christopher Finch NC1766 U52 D533 1999 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69124
1/12/16 The fox and the star / Coralie Bickford-Smith NC965 B49 F39 2015 Main Campus Book Stacks Books 69122
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