• In conjunction with the current exhibition Patterns Bigger Than Any of Us: Jesse Fleming / Pat O'Neill in Ben Maltz Gallery, May 7 - August 12, 2017.

    In Conversation: Jesse Fleming and Pat O'Neill, moderated by LA-based idependent curator and historian Ciara Moloney


    Jesse Fleming (b. 1977) is part of an emerging group of artists and technologists that examine the convergence of media art and mindfulness. Recent solo exhibitions were held at Five Car Garage; 356 Mission; and Night Gallery, all in Los Angeles, CA; and the University of Texas in Austin, TX.

    Pat O’Neill’s (b. 1939) artistic and filmmaking career spans over 50 years, and he is highly-regarded for his experiments with film and optical printing. Recent solo exhibitions were held at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA; Monitor in Rome, Italy; VeneKlasen/Werner in Berlin, Germany; Quinta do Quetzal in Vidigueira, Portugal; Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York, NY; and Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles, CA.

    Ciara Moloney is an independent curator, editor, and writer based in Los Angeles. She was formerly Curator of Exhibitions and Projects at Modern Art Oxford where she curated exhibitions by Barbara Kruger, Josh Kline, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Christian Boltanski and Kiki Kogelnik.

  • Amelia Gray is the author of the short story collections AM/PM, Museum of the Weird, and Gutshot, as well as the novels Threats and, most recently, Isadora, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Her fiction and essays have appeared in The New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Tin House, and VICE. She is winner of the New York Public Library Young Lions Award, of FC2's Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize, and a finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award. 

  • Luis J. Rodriguez was Los Angeles Poet Laureate from 2014-2016. The twenty-fifth edition of his first book, Poems Across the Pavement, won a 2015 Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement. He has written fourteen other books of poetry, children’s literature, fiction, and nonfiction, including the best-selling memoir Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. Rodriguez is also founding editor of Tia Chucha Press and co-founder of Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore in the San Fernando Valley. In 2016 Tia Chucha Press produced the largest anthology of L.A.-area poets, Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes & Shifts of Los Angeles. Rodriguez’s last memoir It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award. His latest poetry collection Borrowed Bones appeared in 2016 from Curbstone Books/Northwestern University Press.

  • Raised in Philadelphia, with roots in South Africa and Trinidad, Zinzi Clemmons’ writing has appeared in Zoetrope: All-Story, Transition, The Paris Review Daily, and elsewhere. She has received fellowships and support from the MacDowell Colony, Bread Loaf, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and the Kimbilio Center for African American Fiction. She is co-founder and former Publisher of Apogee Journal, and a Contributing Editor to LitHub. She teaches literature and creative writing at the Colburn Conservatory and Occidental College. Her debut novel, What We Lose, as well as a second title, are forthcoming from Viking.

  • Louise Sandhaus is a graphic designer and graphic design educator. She was previously Director of the Graphic Design Program at CalArts where she currently is faculty. Her recent book on California graphic design, Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires and Riots: California and Graphic Design 1936-1986, co-published by Metropolis Books and Thames & Hudson, has received laudatory reviews from The New York Times, The Guardian, Eye, and Creative Review. The book received the Palm d’Argent for best art book at FILAF (International Festival of Art Books and Films on Art).

  • Photo Credit: Jesse Pniak


    F. Douglas Brown received the 2013 Cave Canem Poetry Prize (selected by Tracy K. Smith) for Zero to Three, published by the University of Georgia. He also co-authored the chapbook Begotten with Geffrey Davis as part of Upper Rubber Boot Book's Floodgate Poetry Series. Both a past Cave Canem and Kundiman Fellow, his poems have appeared in the Academy of American Poets, The Virginia Quarterly, Bat City Review, The Chicago Quarterly Review, The Southern Humanities Review, The Sugar House Review, Cura Magazine, and Muzzle Magazine. He is co-founder and curator of un::fade::able - The Requiem for Sandra Bland, a quarterly reading series examining restorative justice through poetry as a means to address racism. Brown currently teaches English at Loyola High School in Los Angeles.

  • Emily Raboteau’s nonfiction work Searching for Zion was named a best book of 2013 by the Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle, and was a finalist for the Hurston Wright Legacy Award, grand prize winner of the New York Book Festival, and a winner of a 2014 American Book Award. She is the author of a novel, The Professor’s Daughter, and her fiction and essays have been published and anthologized in Best American Short Stories, the New York Times, The New Yorker, Tin House, Buzzfeed, LitHub, The Guardian, Guernica, Virginia Quarterly, The Believer, and Salon. Other honors include a Pushcart Prize, the Chicago Tribune’s Nelson Algren Award, and fellowships from the NEA, the Lannan Foundation, and the MacDowell Colony. Raboteau teaches creative writing at City College in New York.


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Otis Library Magazine Holdings List

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Title Stacks Annex Subject(s)
Abitare 2008 - 2015 Architecture, Interior Design
Adbusters2016(November/December) - Present2009 - 2016(September/October) Graphic Design, Communication Arts
Advertising AgeLast 6 months  Graphic Design, Communication Arts
Advertising Arts 1932 - May, 1935 Communication Arts
Advocate2015 (February/March) - Present  Pop Culture
AdweekLast 6 months  Graphic Design, Communication Arts
Afterall2013(Fall) - Present1998 - 2013(Summer) Fine Arts, Art Theory
Afterimage2012 (July/August) - Present1975 - 2012(May/June) Fine Arts
Airbrush Action2015 (January/February) - Present  Crafts
American Art2012(Summer) - Present2009 - 2012(Spring) Fine Arts
American Arts Quarterly2014 (Spring) - Present  Fine Arts
American Cinematographer2015(August) - Present2009 - 2015(July) Film-Cinema
American Craft2014(April/May) - Present2009 - 2014(February/March) Crafts
American Fabrics and Fashions 1946 - 1985 Fashion
American Indian Art Magazine2012 - Present1998 - 2015(Autumn) Fine Arts
American Photo2013 - Present2009 - 2015 (March/April) Photography
Animation Magazine2015 (June) - Present  Computer Graphics
Anterem: Rivista Di Ricerca Letteraria2014 (December) - Present  Humanities
Aperture2015(Summer) - Present1958 -2015(Spring) Fine Arts, Photography
Architect (formerly Architecture)2016(January) - Present2009 - 2015(December) Architecture
Architectural Lighting2013 - Present2010 - 2013 Architecture, Interior Design
Architectural Record2015(September) - Present2009 - 2015(August) Architecture
Architectural Review2016(April) - Present2009 - 2016(March) Architecture, Interior Design
Archives of American Art Journal2013 - 20142011 - 2015(Spring) Fine Arts
Art in America2016(January) - Present1940 - 2015(December) Fine Arts
Art + Artists 1966 - 1980 Fine Arts
Art Bulletin2013(April) - Present1924(December), 2009(March) - 2013(March) Fine Arts
Art DocumentationLast 1 year  Fine Arts
Art Education2013 - Present2009 - 2012 Art Education
Art Gout Beaute #66  
Art Journal2013 - Present2009 - 2012 Fine Arts
Art Language 1969 - 1978 Fine Arts
Art Ltd2013(July/August) - Present2011 - 2013(May/June) Fine Arts
Art Monthly2013(May) - Present2008 - 2013(April) Fine Arts
Art Papers2013(May/June) - Present2009 - 2013(March/April) Fine Arts
Art Press2015(July) - Present2009(January) - 2015(June) Fine Arts
The Art Students League of New YorkLast 1 year  Fine Arts
Artforum2016(Fall) - Present1962 - 2016(Summer) Fine Arts
Artichoke2014(March) - Present2009 - 2013(Dec)/2014(Feb) Architecture, Graphic Design, Pop Culture
Artillery2014 (November/December) - Present  Fine Arts
The Artist's Magazine2014(June) - Present2009 - 2014(May) Fine Arts
Artlink2013(October) - Present2009 - 2013(September) Fine Arts
ArtNews2014(December) - Present1947 - 2014(November) Fine Arts
Arts & Activities2014(June) - Present2009 - 2014(May) Art Education
Arts of Asia20142009 - 2015(January/February) Fine Arts
Artscene2015(May) - Present2011(September) - 2015(April) Fine Arts
Artweek 1972 - 2009 Fine Arts
Asian Art News2014(May/June) - Present2009 - 2014(March/April) Fine Arts
Assembling #1 - 5  
Avant Garde #3  
Axis2015(September) - Present2009 - 2015(August) Architecture, Interior Design
Believer2014(February) - Present2009 - 2014(January) Humanities
BitchLast 1 year  Pop Culture, Cultural Studies
Blindspot2012 - 20141994 - 2014(Issue 48) Photography
Bomb2013(Fall) - Present1983 - 2013(Summer) Fine Arts, Pop Culture
Bulletins of the Serving Library2011 - Present   
The Burr McIntosh Monthly 1906(July) - 1908(September)  
C Magazine2013(Fall) - Present1987 - 2013(Summer) Fine Arts, Pop Culture
Cabinet Magazine2014(Spring) - Present2002 - 2013/2014(Winter) Fine Arts, Pop Culture, Art Theory
Cahiers Dada Surrealisme 1966 - 1970  
Camera Review 1993 - 1996  
Canadian Art2014(Summer) - Present2009 - 2014(Spring) Fine Arts
Central Booking2013 (November) - Present2010 - 2011  
Ceramics Monthly2015(June) - Present2009 - 2015(May) Fine Arts, Crafts
The Chronicle Of Higher EducationLast 1 Year  Art Education
Cineaste 2009 - 2014 Film-Cinema, Digital Media
Cinefex2014(May) - Present2009 - 2014(April) Computer Graphics, Film-Cinema, Digital Media
Collagious Material #1 - #6  
Commercial Art & Industry 1930 - 1936  
Communication Arts2015 (May/June) - Present1960(February) - 2015(March/April) Graphic Design, Illustration, Communication Arts
Computer Arts2015(November) - Present2009 - 2015(October) Computer Graphics, Digital Media
Conservation Perspectives (The GCI Newsletter)Last 1 year   
Control #1 - #12  
The Cosmopolitan 1898 - 1900  
Cover 1980 - 1982  
Creative Quarterly2014 (Fall) - Present  Fine Arts
Creative Review2016(June) - Present1985 - 2016(May) Computer Graphics
Curve2013(November) - Present2009 - 2013(October) Fashion, Pop Culture
Delineator 1917 - 1927  
DetailsLast 1 year  Pop Culture
Discover2016(March) - Present2014(October) - 2016(January/February) Pop Culture, Science
Discovery Girls Magazine2012 - Present2009 - 2012 Science
Domus2016(July) - Present1920, 1930, 1957 - 2016(June) Architecture, Interior Design, Interactive Product Design
Draw2011 (Spring) - Present2009 - 2010(Fall)  
Dwell2015(July) - Present2009 - 2015(June) Architecture, Interior Design
Educause ReviewLast 1 year  Art Education, Humanities
Electronic Musician2014 (Ocober) - Present   
Elephant Magazine2015(Fall) - Present2011 - 2015(Summer)  
Elle [French]2013 - Present2009 - 2015(April) Fashion, Pop Culture
Elle [USA]2016(August) - Present2009 - 2016(July) Fashion, Pop Culture
Emigre 1985 - 2004 Graphic Design
Esopus2011(Winter) - Present2011(Spring) - 2011(Fall) Fine Arts
Etapes2016(March/April) - Present2009 - 2016(January/February)  
Eye2013(Spring) - Present2009 - 2012(Winter) Graphic Design, Illustration, Communication Arts
FaderLast 1 year  Fashion, Pop Culture
Fantastic Man2013(Fall/Winter) - Present2011 - 2013(Spring/Summer)  
Film Comment 2009 - 2012(November/December) Pop Culture, Film-Cinema
Filmmaker2011 (Winter) - Present2009 - 2010(Winter) Film-Cinema
Fine Woodworking2013(July/August) - Present2009 - 2013(May/June) Crafts
Flash Art2015(May/June) - Present1972 - 2015(March/April) Fine Arts
FMR 2005 - 2009 Fine Arts, Art History
FMR (British) 1984 - 2009 Fine Arts, Art History
FMR International 2004 - 2005  
FMR Italian 1984 - 1989  
Form: Pioneering Design (formerly LA Architect)2012 - Present2009 - 2015(First Quarter) Architecture, Interior Design
Frame2016(March/April) - Present2009 - 2016(January/February)  
Frieze2016(March/April) - Present2009 - 2016(January/February) Fine Arts
Frieze D/E2014(July) - Present2013/2014(December/February) - 2014(June/August)  
Gallery of Fashion 1912 - 1913  
Garden Design 2006 - 2011  
The GettyLast 1 year   
Good2014(October/November) - Present2009 - 2014(August/September) News, Cultural Studies
GQ [Gentlemen's Quarterly]2016(April) - Present2015(June) - 2016(March) Fashion, Pop Culture
Graphic Design USA2015(January/February) - Present2009 - 2014(November/December) Graphic Design
Graphis 1944 - 2005 Graphic Design
Harper's Bazaar2016(May) - Present1927 - 2016(April) Fashion, Pop Culture
Harper's Bazaar (formerly Harper's & Queen)2016(June) - Present1977, 1986 - 2016(May) Fashion, Pop Culture
Harper's Bazaar (France) 1984 - 1988 Fashion
Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics 1977 - 1993 Art Theory, Cultural Studies, Humanities
High Fashion 1986 - 2010 Fashion
How2014 (July) - Present  Graphic Design, Illustration, Communication Arts
I-D2016(Spring) - Present1987 - 2015(Winter) Graphic Design, Fashion, Pop Culture
I.D. (formerly International Design) 1999 - 2010 Graphic Design, Pop Culture, Interactive Product Design
Impressionism #18, V.6 #2  
Innovation ISDA2014 (Fall) - Winter (2016)  Graphic Design
Interior Design2016(August) - Present2009 - 2016(July) Interior Design
Interiors & Sources2015(May) - 2016 (November)2009 - 2015(April) Interior Design
Interview 1990 - 2014(December/January) Fashion, Pop Culture
Intramuros2016(January/February) - Present2009 - 2015(November/December) Interior Design, Interactive Product Design
It Is #2 - #4  
JAB [Journal of Artists Books]2016(Spring), 2016(Fall)  Book Arts
Jam & Butter #11, #14 - #17  
Jardin de Modes 1950 - 1952  
Journal 1981 - 1982  
The Journal of Aesthetic Education 2001 - 2008  
Journal Of Short Films2007 - 2012 (IN DVD STACKS)  Film-Cinema, Literary Criticism
Koream Journal2012 - Present2009 - 2014(March) Fashion, Cultural Studies, Humanities
Koreana2013(Winter) - Present2009 - 2013(Autumn) Pop Culture, Cultural Studies, Humanities
The Ladies Home Journal 1914 - 1923  
The Ladies World 1914  
LAICA 1974 - 1987  
Landscape Architecture2016(May) - Present1977 - 2016(April) Landscape, Environmental Design
Leonardo 1968 - 2002  
Life 1964(December 25) - 1973(January 1)  
LD+A2015(October) - Present2010 - 2015(September) Architecture
Lithopinion 1968 - 1975(Fall)  
Live Design (formerly Entertainment Design) 2009 - 2013 Interior Design, Crafts, Film-Cinema
Los Angeles County Art Museum 1965  
Los Angeles Magazine2016(April) - Present2010 - 2016(March) Pop Culture
Luerzer's Intl Archive2015(June) - Present1987 - 2015(May) Communication Arts
Make2014(June) - Present2009(March) - 2014(April/May)  
McSweeney's QuarterlyCatalogued as books  Literary Criticism
Metalsmith2013(April) - Present2009 - 2013(March) Fine Arts, Crafts
Metropolis2016(May) - Present1984 - 2016(April) Architecture, Pop Culture
MetroSource L.A.2012(October/November) - Present2009 - 2012(August/September) Fashion, Pop Culture, Film-Cinema
Modern Painters2015(July) - Present2009 - 2015(June) Fine Arts
Mondo Arc2015(April/May) - Present2010 - 2015(February/March) Architecture
Movie Maker Magazine2015 (No.110 Vol. 21) - Present  Film-Cinema
N. Paradoxa2011(January) - Present2009(July) - 2010(January) Fashion
NAEA News (A Publication of the National Art Education Association)2015(February) - Present2008(October) - 2011(Summer)  
National Geographic2016(January) - Present2008(May) - 2015(December) Art History, Cultural Studies
Nest 1998 - 2004 Interior Design, Interactive Product Design
New American Paintings2015(October/November) - Present2009 - 2015(August/September) Fine Arts
New Art Examiner 1986 - 2002 Fine Arts
New Design2013(Issue106) - Present2005(Issue 34) - 2013(Issue 105) Interior Design, Interactive Product Design
New Yorker2016(December) - Present2016(February) - 2016(November) Literary Criticism
Novum [Gebrauchgrahik]2016(March) - Present1971 - 2016(February) Graphic Design, Communication Arts
Nylon2016 (October) - Present  Fashion, Pop Culture
O Mag2008 (Vol. 5) - Present   
October2014(Fall) - Present2009 - 2014(Summer) Fine Arts, Art Theory
On Site    
Ornament2011 (Vol.34 No.3) - Present2009 - 2010 (Vol. 34 No. 2) Fashion, Crafts
Out2014(June) - Present2009 - 2014(May) Pop Culture
Paper2014(October) - Present2009 - 2014(September) Fashion, Pop Culture
Parachute 1980(Summer) - 2006(October) Fine Arts, Art Theory
Parkett2014(September) - Present1986 - 2014(August) Fine Arts, Art Theory
People Magazine2016(December) - Present2016(June) - 2016(November) Pop Culture
Performance Art #2  
Ploughshares2012 - Present2009(Spring) - 2015(Spring) Literary Criticism, Literature
Popular Science2015 (July) - Present  Science
Print2014(January) - Present1940(December) - 2013(December) Graphic Design
Product Design and Development2014 (September) - Present  Interactive Product Design
Professional Artist2013(June/July) - Present2011(March) - 2013(April/May)  
Public Art Review2012 - 20142009 - 2014(Fall/Winter) Fine Arts, Art Theory
Raw Vision2012 - 20152008(Winter) - 2015(Autumn/Fall) Fine Arts
Rolling Stone2016(February) - Present2015(May) - 2016(January) Pop Culture
Sculpture2015(September/October) - Present1989 - 2015(July/August) Fine Arts
Sign & Digital Graphics2015(September) - Present2009 - 2015(August)  
Silhouettes #49 - #51  
Skeptic2013(Vol. 18 No. 2) - Present2009 - 2013(Vol. 18 No. 1) Literary Criticism, Library Science
Skin and Ink2015 (April) - Present  Graphic Design, Pop Culture, Illustration
Smithsonian2015 (June) - Present  Art History, Science
Spectacle 1985 - 1986  
Sportswear International2015(July/August) - Present1984 - 2015(May/June) Fashion
Still Point Arts Quarterly2012 - Present   
Stone Voices2012 - Present   
Studies in Art Education2013 (Fall) - Present2010(Summer) - 2012(Spring)  
Surface Design Journal2012(Summer) - Present2009 - 2012(Spring) Fashion, Crafts
Tate Etc.2011(Winter) - Present2005(Summer) - 2011(Autumn) Pop Culture
TDR [The Drama Review - Journal of Performance Studies]2014(Fall) - Present2009 - 2014(Summer) Fine Arts
Teaching Artist Journal 2004 - 2008 Art Education
Teen Vogue2015(April) - Present2009 - 2015(March) Fashion
Threads2013 (June/July) - Present2009 - 2013(April/May) Fashion, Crafts
3D World2015(January) - Present2009 - 2014(December) Computer Graphics
Toy Book2013(July/August) - Present2009 - 2013(May/June) Toy
Under the Radar2014 (June/July) - Present  Pop Culture
V Magazine2015(Fall) - Present2013(Spring) - 2015(Summer)  
Vanity Fair2015(December) - Present2009 - 2015(November) Fashion, Pop Culture
Verve 1938 - 1956  
Videomaker2015 (June) - Present  Computers, Computer Graphics, Film-Cinema
Vogue Hommes 1980 -1996 Fashion, Pop Culture
Vogue Italia 1969 - 2001 Fashion
Vogue [British]2013 - 20141984 - 2014(March) Fashion, Pop Culture
Vogue [Korea]2016(June) - Present2008 - 2016(May) Fashion
Vogue [L'uomo] 1977 - 1993 Fashion, Pop Culture
Vogue [Paris]2013 - 20141950 - 2013 Fashion, Pop Culture
Vogue [USA]2016(September) - Present1922 - 2016(August) Fashion, Pop Culture
W2016(April) - Present2009 - 2016(March) Fashion
Wallpaper2016(July) - Present2009 - 2016(June) Fashion, Pop Culture
Wedge 1983  
Wired2015 (June) - Present2015(May) - 2015(September) Computers, Pop Culture
Women In the Arts NewsletterLast 1 year  Art Education, News, Cultural Studies
World of Interiors2012 - Present2009 - 2014 Interior Design
X-tra2014(Summer) - Present2009 - 2014(Spring) Literary Criticism
Zoom 1981 - 1991 Photography
Zoom (French) #3 - #123 Photography
Zoom (International) #9 - #99 Photography
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