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Best of Flair

Location: Special Collections AC 2 F585 1996

Fifty years after it ceased publication, Flair is still one of the most talked-about magazines ever created. It is remembered for its innovative design and production quality, its superb coverage of the arts, and its discovery of many artists and writers well before they achieved fame and fortune.

Only 12 issues were published in the early 1950s. This book was published in 1999 to document this innovative magazine.

"One of Flair's distinctions is that each issue had a different die-cut hole and revealed a new surprise. March featured Spain, and revealed a "Guernica"-style tapestry. May's roses revealed a gorgeous portrait of a young woman. The July "All Male Issue" let us peek through binoculars at a woman on a beach . Even more daring, Flair's name was treated a new way each time, taking its cue from the issue's thematic content: sans serif type one month, hand-drawn the next, serif type the month after. "
- Urban Desires Book Review

See also:

New York Review of Magazines

"Fleur's Folly?" Print, March/April 1995, pp. 99-105+

Abstract: The writer traces the history of Flair magazine. Flair was formed from the marriage of magazine editor and publisher Gardner (Mike) Cowles and the advertising executive Fleur Fenton. Aimed at a sophisticated audience interested in fashion, travel, and the arts, it lasted only from February 1950 to January 1951, following severe financial losses. The magazine is discussed in terms of its content, layout, and typography.

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