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  • Rendering female models and celebrities on large-scale canvases and with quick, expressive brushstrokes, painter Katherine Bernhardt examines representations of beauty in mainstream media and fashion photography. She paints her subjects with severe, exaggerated features and emaciated limbs that sometimes morph into abstraction, recalling the works of Pablo Picasso. “Some people ask if I hate the models I paint,” she says. “I say no, I don't hate them.

  • UpCycle Day 2014!

    Sep 03| Special Event

    Join us for the 3rd Annual UpCycle Day!

    Learn about the Resource Exchange

    Bring your excess supplies and materials to share and trade. 

    Stock up for the school year with Free supplies and materials. 

    Help divert our collective waste from ending up in landfills.


  • Jan Brandt

    Sep 04| Lectures
  • Joel Kyack

    Sep 09| Lectures
    JOEL KYACK Lives and works in Los Angeles.


  • A dynamic portrait of the life of computer prodigy Aaron Swartz who championed free speech and data sharing, this must-see documentary premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and was the opening night film at the 2014 Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. 

    We're excited the film’s director Brian Knappenberger will be our special guest speaker for the Q & A moderated by Movies that Matter series producers Judy Arthur and Perri Chasin after the screening. 

  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer lives and works in Brussels.


  • High&Low Bureau is a curatorial duo composed of Yael Messer and Gilad Reich. They curate exhibitions, film programs, performative events and publications, while engaging with a plethora of disciplines, media and modes of artistic expression.Their curatorial practice is dedicated to the exploration of artistic strategies that reflect on, and suggest alternatives to, specific social-political conditions.


Liberal Arts and Sciences Radar

Apr 15, 2014
LAS Blog
Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 9.56.32 AMHighly regarded LAS English faculty, Maggie Light has just published a short story titled Quitter Takes All in the Fall edition of the independent literary periodical, Cleaver. This charming short story can be found here: http://www.cleavermagazine.com/quitter-takes-all-by-maggie-light/.
Apr 15, 2014
LAS Blog
Dressing Up at LACMA: It’s a Wrap by Jeanne S. M. Willette My friend, the great painter, Lena Rivkin (www.lenarivkin.com), and I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the Diane von Fursteberg dresses on display at the old May Company building. The exhibition, which included the many depictions by many [more]
Apr 15, 2014
LAS Blog
Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 9.56.54 AMLAS cultural studies faculty and noted folklorist, Heather Joseph-Witham, will be appearing on the Weather Channel as part of their Tornado Week at the end of April. She will be discussing links between deities, tornados, UFOs, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
Apr 14, 2014
LAS Blog
 WHAT IS AN AUTHOR? Part Four of a Five Part Series on Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault: “What is an Author?” was posted on January 24, 2014. This short essay was very influential in rethinking the notion of “author” as a bounded entity who produced a unified body of work. This series can also be accessed [more]
Apr 10, 2014
LAS Blog
Sometimes it is dangerous to go to conferences; there is no place to hide from the ideas, the issues and the changes that presenters share. In many ways, it is like going to a Las Vegas buffet.  There may be some things you don’t want to try, some things you have all the time, but [more]
Apr 8, 2014
LAS Blog
CONSERVING MURAL JACKSON POLLOCK’ S MURAL AT THE J. PAUL GETTY MUSUEM Through June 1, 2014 Art lovers in Los Angeles and, indeed, in California, have a rare opportunity to see one of the most significant works in post-war contemporary American art: Jackson Pollock’s Mural at the Getty Museum. Painted over a period of months at [more]
Apr 7, 2014
LAS Blog
THIS IS NOT A PIPE Part Three of a Five Part Series on Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault: This is Not a Pipe was posted on January 17, 2014. This post discusses the relationship between words and things, Foucault’s mediation upon semiotics. This series can also be accessed through with Heathwood Press, an English journal of [more]
Mar 31, 2014
LAS Blog
 MICHEL FOUCAULT AND KNOWLEDGE Part Two of a Five Part Series on Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault and Knowledge was posted on January 10, 2014. This post is an examination of Foucault’s seminal investigation on the ways in which cultures create discourses that evolve over time into “knowledge.” This series can also be accessed through with [more]
Mar 24, 2014
LAS Blog
Part One of a Five Part series on Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault: The Order of Things was posted on January 3, 2014. This post is an examination of Foucault’s important early book on how European epistemologies were formed, unformed and reformed over time. This series can also be accessed through with Heathwood Press, an English [more]
Feb 19, 2014
LAS Blog
bergAssociate Professor Adam Berg (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Professor Ysamur M. Flores-Peña (Liberal Arts and Sciences) and Adjunct Associate Professor Rob Spruijt (Foundation & Liberal Arts and Sciences) contributed to Aesthetics in Present Future: The Arts and the Technological Horizon, Lexington Books, 2013.