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  • Creative Action and the Otis Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.

  • Objects In Crisis is a series of two-person exhibitions by students in the Photography 3 class. 


    Exhbition 1--November 18-22:  Greg Toothacre and Lani De Soto

    Reception: Thursday, November 20 @ 6 pm


    Exhibition 2--December 2-6:  Allison Mogan and Tia Chen

    Reception:  Thursday, December 4 @ 6 pm


    Exhibition 3--December 8-12: Yijia Liu and Cara Friedman

  • Mary Alinder

    Dec 02| Lectures


  • Professor Julia Czerniak is educated in both architecture and landscape architecture, and serves as Associate Dean at the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. Through her own design practice, CLEAR, and most recently as the former inaugural Director of UPSTATE: Syracuse’s SOA’s Center for Design, Research and Real-Estate, Julia’s  research and practice draw on the intersection of landscape and architecture.

  • Alumni from Otis, Art Center, and CalArts are invited to celebrate the holidays at our second annual alumni holiday mixer. Eat, drink, be merry, and enjoy live music! Alumni are invited to bring a guest, but this event is closed to the public.


    RSVP by December 1



Liberal Arts and Sciences Radar

Nov 24, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed  “Jacques Derrida and ‘Différance’” posted on July 25, 2014.  Just as Derrida was concerned with the emphasis on “logos” or the spoken word, requiring the presence of a speaker, he was concerned about the presumed primacy of speech over writing. Jacques Derrida’s concept of “Différance” was an attempt to interrogate polarities and [more]
Nov 17, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed “Jacques Derrida and Logos” posted on July 18, 2014  Within a few years of his challenge to Claude-Lévi Strauss, Jacques Derrida published his seminal series of books in which he broadened his Deconstruction of Enlightenment philosophy. Having questioned the “center” and the concept of the “structure,” Derrida began to question “presence” so [more]
Nov 10, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed “The Metaphysics of Structuralism” posted on July 11, 2014. This post focuses on the famous attack launched by Jacques Derrida on Structuralism in 1966. His now famous talk “Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourses of Human Sciences” was a direct challenge to the leading thinker in French philosophy, Claude-Lévi Strauss and [more]
Nov 3, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed Jacques Derrida and Post-Structuralism posted on July 4, 2014  One of the many French philosophers who were either natives of or had worked in Algeria, Jacques Derrida shared with this group the penchant of rebelling against the philosophy of tradition. As a young and ambitious philosopher, his main target would be the [more]
Oct 27, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed Claude Lévi-Strauss and Structuralism was posted on June 27, 2014 Even though he was an anthropologist, Claude Lévi-Strauss was one of the most important influences on philosophy in the 1950s and 1960s. Impacted by the linguistic scholar Roman Jakobson, while he was in exile in New York during the Second World War, [more]
Oct 13, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Art History Unstuffed How Structuralism Became “Post” was posted on June 20, 2014  This post discusses the linguistic turn of Structuralism that began with the work of Ernst Cassirer and Claude Lévi-Strauss in the post-war period. Since Vico, Structuralism had always been a tendency in Western philosophy but it became an alternative to Sartre’s existentialism [more]
Oct 8, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
1Tucker Neel curated the exhibition May Contain Explicit Imagery at CB1 gallery. Images and the catalog essay for this exhibition, written by Tucker Neel, can be found at this link: http://www.cb1gallery.com/exhibitions/may-contain-explicit-imagery.html. The exhibition was reviewed by Christopher Knight in the Los Angeles Times; the review can be read here: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-cm-may-contain-explicit-imagery-at-cb1-gallery-20140819-column.html In addition, Tucker Neel’s review [more]
Oct 8, 2014
Liberal Arts and Sciences
1    Adam Berg’s solo show Pier Paolo’s Fountain will open at the Pio Monti Arte Contemporanea in Rome, Italy, in October 11, 2014. In addition, Adam will also be participating in 6018 Wilshire at Edward Cella Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. According to the official Edward Cella press release, “6018 Wilshire is organized collaboratively [more]