• Dana Johnson is the author of the short story collection In the Not Quite Dark. She is also the author of Break Any Woman Down, winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, and the novel Elsewhere, California.

  • Gallery 169 will be hosting the Otis College of Art and Design Communication Arts Graphic Design Junior Show, "5328," displaying a selection of work made over the five thousand twenty eight hours that make up the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Work will include collected posters, publications, and typographic projects.
  • Clay, Body is a solo exhibition from artist Sydney Aubert: Unapologetically fat, crass, and sexual, a ceramics artist who also works in video, and whatever other materials arouse her in the moment. Exhibition will be on view from Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28 at the Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design. On view by appointment only, please contact the artist at Reception: Thursday, April 27 | 6pm-9pm Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design

  • Audrey Wollen is a feminist theorist and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Wollen uses social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, as platforms for her work on Sad Girl Theory, a theory which posits that internalized female sadness can be used as a radical and political action, separate from masculinized forms of protests such as anger and violence. She introduces this form of protest as an alternative to masculinized anger and violence.
  • Bring family and friends to reconnect with fellow alumni at the studio of Albert Valdez ('10) following Brewery ArtWalk, an open studio weekend with over 100 participating resident artists.

    Parking is located inside the Brewery campus.  

    Visit for directions and other information. 

  • Otis Radio: Our Story`

    May 01| Special Event

    Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 4:00 - 5:00 pm is Our Story. Join DJ Wormlord (Maggie Gilbert), DJ Ace (Grace Kanchana), and DJ Mango (Stacy Li) as we have real talk in real time. Don't miss out!


    Listen online at KLMU.

    All shows will be simulcast on 96.1FM in the Otis Commons and archived on

  • Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 5:00 - 6:00 pm is The Girls Room with DJ Lonesome (Jaclyn Arellano), DJ Filth (Mady Preece), DJ Duchamp’s Urinal (Carly Goldstein). In this political climate, it is finally time to take charge of our own bodies and image. No more housewife norms to determine what a woman should look like. Join us in conversation with the tools of music and noise to express what it means to be a woman. We will challenge the definitions and misconceptions about masculinity and femininity, creating a space where women can feel free to ask questions and get answers from other women.



KCET on Alumnus Mario Ybarra Jr.’s Residency at 18th Street Arts Center

Slanguage Speaks Slanguage

By Betty Marín
Since April, Slanguage Studio artists Monica A. Martinez, Emilio Venegas Jr., Karla Diaz, and Mario Ybarra Jr. have taken over the 18th Street Arts Center gallery as Artist Lab residents. Their residency and exhibition, "Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost" is on view through June 26th. Central to their project is a speculative fiction narrative they developed over the course of their residency, which has generated several short films and will culminate in a limited-edition comic book. Their story introduces us to an underground homeless rebel group leading a futurist revolution to protect their city from the powers that be.
The speculative fiction world of the 18th Street Arts Center installation is one version of the hybrid cultural spaces Slanguage inhabits. This narrative speaks to the collective's identity bridging vernacular and high art forms, and their almost fifteen year history of surviving and thriving with limited financial support. By valuing street culture and other histories often dismissed by the same institutions with which they are in dialogue, Slanguage claims a piece of the art world on their own terms and speaks their own artistic language.
Within the gallery space, they've created a rich installation composed of video and other artifacts, telling about this fictional world and the characters that live there. Using the gallery "as a lab and art studio," as co-founder Karla Diaz describes, the artists first presented research, which eventually grew into the exhibition on view. Research included the materials they collected to build costumes for their characters and some of the drawing and writing exercises that led them to the speculative fiction narrative at the heart of their residency. The intention of the Artist Lab Residency is precisely for artists to experiment and create a project that an audience can see and interact with during its development. Diaz explains how they "built characters and landscapes of different futuristic, sci-fi worlds" through cosplay, collaborative automatic writing, and drawing workshops, and by recording videos and sound. Read more here.
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