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    Register now for Open House 2014.



    1:00 – 1:45
    Financing Your Education
    Center for Creative Professions: Create Your Future 

    2:00 – 2:45
    Housing Options: Making a Good Fit

  • Creative Action and the Otis Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week 4-6pm is Waves to Asia with DJ Pheonix, DJ Z and DJ Kai, bringing some Asian culture to the air waves, including J-Pop, K-Pop and Chinese Pop, as well as popular anime music. Also as part of the show we will feature a talk about Asian food that you can get and try in Los Angeles.


  • Creative Action and the Otis Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.

    This week 4-5pm is Rewind 1976 with DJ’s Gabriel Rojas, Nauseous P, and Little C. Join us to count down the songs on the top of the charts... 1976 style. We'll be playing the hits as if it's that very Autumn day 30+ years ago.

  • Otis Radio: Rap Realm

    Nov 10| Special Event


    Creative Action and the Otis Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.

  • Scott Short

    Nov 11| Lectures
    Scott Short | Born 1964 in Marion, OH | Lives and works in Paris, France 


  • Cathy Park Hong's poetry collections include Translating Mo'um and Dance Dance Revolution, which was chosen for the Barnard Women Poets Prize. Norton published her third book of poems, Engine Empire, in 2012. A former Fullbright Fellow, Hong is also the recipient of fellowships from the NEA and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her poems have been appeared in A Public Space, Poetry, Paris Review, Conjunctions, McSweeney's, APR, Harvard Review, Boston Review, The Nation, and other journals.

  • Monica Majoli

    Nov 13| Lectures

    Graduate Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture Series presents artist, Monica Majoli.

    Thursday, November 13th 11:115am - 12:30pm

    Graduate Studios: 10455 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA 90230


Book Ordering: FAQ



All required course books are purchased online AFTER you have registered.

Please check both MBS Direct (http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/otis.htm) and University Readers (http://www.universityreaders.com) to see what is required, and look for your courses listed on each site.

How do I know if I need a course reader or textbook?
What is a course reader?
How do I order required textbooks?
How do I order required course readers?
Why are there two different websites for ordering?
How do I return an item or request a refund?
Can I have my book delivered to Otis?
Can I sell my book once the semester is over?
Why don’t we have a campus bookstore?
I need more help...


How do I know if I need a course reader or textbook?
All of your required course books are purchased online AFTER you have registered. You will need to check both MBS Direct and University Readers to see what is required and look for your courses listed on each site.

What is a course reader?
Course readers or course packs are custom-published packs compiled by your professor with materials that are relevant to the course. Course packs allow professors to include up-to-date articles and readings and are customized for each class. Usually an instructor will choose to use a course reader when there are multiple readings they wish to use for class, and it becomes too costly to have students purchase all the books. Course readers must be purchased through University Readers and cannot be purchased through other vendors.

How do I order required Textbooks?
The online bookstore is accessible at http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/otis.htm and can be used after you are registered. You will need the Student Schedule printout (sample below) provided by the Registrar.

1) Go to the General Info page of the Books and Readers section. (Web addresses also appear throughout the site.) Follow the link for textbooks.

2) From the Bookstore Welcome page, copy and paste the red link next to textbooks into a new browser window and wait for the page to load.

3) Click Order My Books, select the Term and Year (i.e. Fall '08), and Continue to access the course list.

4) Using the SUBJ, CRSE, SEC, and TITLE information from your Student Schedule printout (see example, below), find each course on the online list, and select each using the check boxes.

5) Then click Submit Course ID Selections (If you do not see a course listed, it means no books are required for that course).

6) The next page will display textbooks and/or Readers required for each course selected, and you can Add them to your Cart.

7) Follow the directions according to how you will pay for them.

Sample Student Schedule Printout

30396 FND 110 A G Form and Space I 2.0
30425 FNDT 180 A G Life Drawing I 3.0
30090 AHCS 120 C G Visual Culture 3.0

CRN – a number you use to register online
SUBJ – stands for subject
CRSE – stands for course
SEC – stands for section
CMP – stands for campus (G is the Goldsmith Campus on Lincoln)
TITLE – course title
CREDITS – number of credits or units course if worth

NOTE: You may begin purchasing your books in July. If you register in June or July, you may order your books as of August 5th, and have them in time for the first class meeting. lf you register in August, you must order your books immediately upon completing registration, so they will arrive in time for the first week of school. If you delay, you may have to pay additional shipping charges!

How do I order required Course Readers?
Students order online at www.universityreaders.com and follow these exact steps:

1. Click the GOLD Students "BUY HERE" button on the top right side of our home page

2. Click the "Create New Account" button (or enter your existing login information and skip to step 6)

3. Select your State from the dropdown menu.

4. Select your University from the resulting dropdown menu.

5. Enter the fields on the page such as a "login/password" you’d like to use and all applicable "address" info.

6. Click the "Save" button to create your account, and you'll automatically be taken to your university page.

7. At your university page, click the "Add to Cart" button to the right of the course pack you want to purchase.

8. Click on the "Checkout" button on the next page.

9. Review your address info and click on the "Continue" button on the next page.

10. Review our service agreement page and click the "I Agree – Continue Checkout" button on the next page.

11. Select shipping and payment preferences from the dropdown menus. Click the "Continue" button.

12. Enter payment details and click the "Place Order" button to finalize your order. The authorization will take about 5-10 seconds. You’ll be prompted with an Invoice screen once your order has been authorized and completed. You will also receive confirmation via email regarding your order.

Please direct all ordering questions to webmaster@universityreaders.com or call (800) 200-3908. Thanks!

NOTE: When you purchase a course reader, you will automatically be able to download the first 20% for free. This will ensure you have the necessary material for your course WEEK 1 while you wait for the reader to ship.

Why are there two different websites for ordering?
The college looked at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other online text book suppliers and found MBS to have the overall best service and the cheapest prices for textbooks. University Readers offered low pricing and quick turn around time for students ordering course readers.

How do I return an item or request a refund?
Textbooks: Certain conditions apply to returning your materials for a full refund. BEFORE you open or write in anything, please check the Returns FAQ for refund policies and restrictions.

Course Readers: Please see the Student Help FAQ section on University Readers website.

Can I have my books and readers delivered to Otis?
If you will be in transit when your course materials are going to be delivered, have not established a residence, or if you are in the Otis Housing program, you may qualify to have your orders shipped to the College. To see if you qualify and find out how to arrange this, contact the office of Student Affairs at (310) 665-6960 or check with the Student Affairs Office on the 1st floor.

Can I sell my book once the semester is over?
To sell your book back to MBS, go to the MBS Direct site and click on Sell Your Books for information and shipping directions. To sell your course reader, contact the department representative for the course to see if the reader will be used again next term.

Why doesn’t the college have a campus bookstore?
Although we would love to have a campus bookstore, present space constrictions prohibit it. Contact Student Affairs Office to pursue this further.

I need more help...
For questions concerning availability and shipping, call MBS Direct at (800) 325-3252 or email them at vb@mbsdirect.net.

Check the FAQ on the MBS Direct Online Bookstore. The FAQ button appears in the grey header on every page.

Check the Help & FAQs on University Readers website.

If you have questions about the courses or required course materials, contact the department where the course is being offered. For non-studio courses, please contact the Liberal Studies Office at (310) 665-6920.

Other general questions may be directed to either the Library or Student Affairs staff who can help you or direct you to the appropriate area.