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Blended Learning Initiative

Blended Learning offerings are courses in which 30 - 50% of the content and instruction is delivered online. Such courses also meet face-to-face, as traditional courses do, yet students and faculty members are required to spend less “seat time” in the studio or classroom.  In developing such courses, Otis has responded to and engaged numerous faculty members who have expressed keen interest in online pedagogy orientation, training, and course preparation through a curricular innovation grant program.


Faculty Apply for a Curricular Innovation Grant:


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Not sure about Blended Learning?  
Not sure where to begin when it comes to instructional technology?

Otis’ Instructional Designer, Jean-Marie Venturini, is available to visit your course to learn about your teaching needs and collaborate with you on technology-enhanced teaching tools that might best serve your specific course and teaching style.

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Otis faculty discuss blended courses.

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E-Learning courses are offered in support of student success in that they afford students and faculty members more flexible schedules, students can repeat or review online portions of courses from home between in-class meetings, and students can work on those portions of courses when they are most motivated to engage them.


How can e-Learning best serve Studio courses?

Vice Provost, 27-year veteran studio Professor, and Bricks & Clicks alum Randy Lavender discusses this frequently asked question: