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  • Learn about the Teacher Credentialing process with:

  • Communication Arts presents a lecture by type designer Raul Plancarte

  • Allison Peck 


    Tied Tides and Small Shifts 


    Opening: Thursday, April 17 from 7-10p
    Onview: April 14-19 from 10-6p
    Location: Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

  • Join us for the ultimate genre mash up as we drop the best hip hop and underground hiphop from all over as well as some of the freshest hard hitting electronic music out today. Presented by DJ Chewby (Pamela Torzan), DJ Snowden (Ryan Snowden) Daybid 1X (David Namkoong), and 90’s Kid (Danial Siddiqui) of the Otis Radio class.


  • Come enjoy the awesomeness of Soundtracks from Games, Movies and TV Shows with DJ Tea Time (Joshua Timmons), DJ SurgeMiester (Sergio Betancourt ) and DJ ForGrapeJelly (Steven Escarcega).


  • Fine Arts presents a lecture by painter Mary Weatherford. She received her BA from Princeton and MFA from Bard. Weatherford has shown at David Kordansky Gallery in L.A., LAxART in L.A., Brennan & Griffin in New York, and Debs & Co in New York.  In addition, her work is included in collections of MoMA, LACMA, Hammer Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, and OCMA.
    All are welcome
    Series organized by Photography Director Soo Kim
  • “Foregrounds” is a show exploring how we listen to sounds. It utilizes field recordings by blending songs and spoken word pieces with the soundscapes in which we listen to them – whether it be played along with Los Angeles traffic, the sound of a meal being prepared, or waves at the beach. Presented by DJ Derek (Corn), DJ Nasera (Alayon), DJ Max (Miles) of the Otis Radio class.



Advertising Design Radar

Feb 5, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Foundation Foward at Otis today/Communication Arts Dept. welcomes potential majors with many fun activities to lure them in to the fold. W E L C O M E

Jan 29, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

foundation students graphic design elective. faculty: ana llorente…c o o l

Jan 28, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Just a super lovely poster for last year that I never had the chance to put on tumblr. L O V E L Y typography 1, faculty: juliette bellocq

Jan 27, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Witness the great fun that the Foundation students at OTIS College of Art and Design had in the Graphic Design Workshop with yours truly…

Jan 15, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr



Congrats to Nicole for this poster/first poster of sophomore year. B E A U T I F U 



Jan 9, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

All students/recent alumni…Don’t forget to submit to the best international student competition in all the world!!!!!!

G O O D    L U C K  ! ! ! ! ! !

Jan 6, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr



CONGRATS to Otis ComArts class of 2012.  Great publication. 

Jan 6, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Congrats to Advertising students.  A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !

Jan 6, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Advertising at Otis!!!

Jan 6, 2014
Communication Arts - Tumblr

Congratulations to the Advertising area of ComArts. Great work, fall, 201