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Parents FAQs

What if:

...my student becomes ill or there is an emergency and I need to reach my student?

...I need to discuss my student's financial aid package and scholarship and loan information?

...I want to see my student's grade reports, transcripts and find out how they are performing academically?

...my student is experiencing personal issues and would like to seek counseling?

...my student needs some personal funds? How much do you suggest?

…my student is falling behind academically and needs tutoring?

…my students needs disability accommodations?

…my student is interested in travel study abroad?

…my student needs help finding a place to live?

…my student wants to join a student club or organization?

What emergency contacts should my student know?
Playa Vista Urgent Care (Closest Urgent Care to Otis' Goldsmith Campus)


What about financial aid and loans?



Student Grade Reports/Transcripts?

Your student will need to contact the Registrar's office
College students' records are protected by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA). It restricts institutions from releasing grades and other educational records without the student's written permission. Students may view their grades online through the Self-service system after grades have been submitted and recorded by the Registrar's Office. Otis does not mail grade reports home.


Personal Issues and Counseling?

Student Counseling Services



Personal Finances?



Student Resources Center


Disability accommodations?

Disability Services



Travel Study Abroad?

International Student Services


Housing and Residence



Clubs and Organizations?

Student Activities
Peer Mentors